What’s Been On My Mind

Posted by Shelley on Apr 5, 2006 in poetry

It’s amazing but it’s true
A little less me, a little more you
Trying to walk in step
In tandem
It’s getting harder
May just need to give in to this
And realize what I’ve known all along
A little less me is where I belong

Hearing from you Lord Jesus
I’ve made it a game
When your Spirit speaks
I begin to hear
And You silence my very name
To nothing
Realizing I want to be fearless
Doing it all on my own
He tempers me back down
To where I belong

Didn’t mean to write a song
It just came out that way
Seeing ones you love
Feeling forgotten
Isn’t the kind of thing we want to sing
About anyway
Reaching in, reaching out
Trusting that you Heavenly Father
Will place me where I belong

copyright shelley shaw 2006

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