Thirty Days of Thankful – Days 29 and 30

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Thankful for the mystery of the past and how it shaped the present.

Thankful for what the future holds.

Thankful for old friends and new ones.

Thankful for it all. Every last bit if it! And how God uses it all to become His great story!


Thirty Days of Thankful – Days 11 and 12

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Today I am thankful for I-65 south which is taking me out of town with my man.


Isn’t it

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definitions from the urban dictionary

1. A situation where the result is a complete reverse (and practical mockery) of what was expected

2. A word heavy misused and abused in conversation today, mostly by people who think that using the word in any way will automatically make them seem intelligent. The word is usually misused to exactly mean “coincidental” or “tragic”, when again it doesn’t mean this (see #1)
If the heavy metal band Anthrax dies of anthrax, that would be poetically tragic, but not ironic. If a diabetic crosses the street and is run over by a truck carrying insulin, then it’s ironic.

“Isn’t it ironic that the pop song ‘Ironic’ contains absolutely no examples of irony?”

“One issue of Mad Magazine showed Alfred E. Neuman face-down in the desert, crushed to death by a parachuted crate of first aid supplies. Now THAT was ironic!”

2. ironic
containing irony
-the opposite of the literal meaning
-a mismatch between the expected and the actual result
pro-lifers making death threats to Michael Schiavo is ironic

3. ironic
That a song about things which are ironic makes no mention of any things which are, in fact, ironic.


The Value of Things Not Sought For

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: the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for ;

1. The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.
2. The fact or occurrence of such discoveries.
3. An instance of making such a discovery.

:an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

This was today. Didn’t plan it, didn’t go looking for it. Serendipity. Now I know what it is.



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We went to an unexpected funeral today. I say that because now-a-days you can sometimes know “how long” you’ve got. Me and Mike decided that would be the best way… having the time to say what needs to be said and being with those you love the most would be the way to go. Instead, many times it is a tragic event, one that is not so expected and certainly no one, regardless of the circumstances is ready to bury a loved one. Especially someone who is a wife, daughter, granddaughter and only 33 years old.

This family has really been through it. And Mike has been one of David’s dearest friends for years… long before me (which does make it a LONG time ago!) So, it was appropriate for Mike to sing today and David chose “It is Well.” Even with the flood emotions going on I can tell you that Mike nailed it. I am so proud of him.

Before the funeral began I had a chance just to sit there. Just me. On the pew. And I heard hymn after hymn being played on the piano (by Mike’s mom, nonetheless!) How beautiful she played. It seems like these days I never hear those hymns anymore because we sort of go to a lively church with lively music (no, it’s not charismatic but closer to it than any Baptist church I’ve been in!) Thanks to many, many sermons and church services throughout my life I knew every word to every hymn and I was just a-singing in my brain. And that lively excitement started to inch it’s way in as I wanted to yell, “Hallelujah” when the preacher started his portion of the funeral. Don’t worry. I didn’t. But my brain did.

And dadgum it, I never cried. Wanted to, but it’s just not physically possible. So, I think God just knows me well enough to know that I need to lift my hands and jump around a little because nobody cries when they’re at a party! I just have to think somewhere on the other side of this life there must be a party and I’m just getting to experience that joy while I’m in the here and now. How about that?

After reflecting a bit today I’m just going to stop feeling bad about yesterday and worrying about tomorrow. It’s time to turn everyday into a party and be joyful for what we’ve got! I’ve got today and that is really all that matters.


The Top Ten Reasons why I love, admire and respect my Husband!

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#1) While getting the kids to the car, he kept everyone dry this morning on this lovely rainy day = Thoughtful

#2) He helped me fold clothes last night (without me even asking!) = Intuitive

#3) He takes me on a weekly lunch date = Consistent

#4) He loves to watch Malcolm in the Middle with me = HAL (need I say more?)

#5) He knows where I’m going and where I’ve been = Unconditional

#6) His facebook statuses are absolutely the funniest thing I will read all day = Witty

#7) In regards to our over the top, incredibly fake WHITE Christmas tree, he doesn’t complain = Patient

#8) Even though he’s never been to seminary, he totally knows his Bible = Intelligent

#9) He can benchpress and leg press A LOT of weight for a thirty-something year old guy = Strong

#10) He understands my need to be the Barbie doll I think I am = he’s my Ken doll!

#11) oh yeah, he can write lyrics and sing too!  (like in Spinal Tap, we will go to 11) = Talented

I love you, Mike!

I love you, Mike!

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