Little Shop of Horrors – Shaw Style

Posted by Shelley on Oct 29, 2008 in kids

Melodi was 5 when she lost her first tooth.  It was exciting, it was sentimental, the tooth is somewhere in this house.  But it was also, well, dramatic.  And this has been going on for 4 years now.  Not only does she cry, I cry.  When that first tooth was loose I started to realize how different she was going to look.  How she was going to have to “grow into” these big adult teeth.  Plus, well, I just cry at all these milestones.  And I’ve always been the one to pull these teeth.  But nothing really prepared me for yesterday’s trip to the dentist.

She needed two teeth pulled because, quite honestly, they were loose and she was bleeding all over the dental hygentist.  The four year old is with me and I am thinking, oh no, he will never come back to the dentist.  As the chaos insued, another dental hygentist came and got him and cleaned his teeth while I was doing disaster recovery with Melodi.  I tell the hygentist, “Do what you got to do…” and she replies, “I can’t, legally, I can’t pull these teeth…”  WHAT?  That’s a whole ‘nother post.  So, Melodi gets to pull her first tooth.  The pictures may not do this justice but suffice it to say that the tooth fairy bar got raised BIG TIME.

I hear Steve Martin singing in the background here

I hear Steve Martin singing in the background here

you'll be a dentist, you'll have a talent for causing things pain!

you'll be a dentist, you'll have a talent for causing things pain...

Oh that hurts, wait I'm not numb!

Oh that hurts, wait I'm not numb!

We did this twice!!!

We did this twice!!! Now the tooth fairy needs to visit Mom!


Even Superheroes Love their Moms

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After school today I had a surprise for my little man.  Aunt Stacey gave us a great book, Even FireFighters Love their Moms and we read it often.  Once he was dressed in his Halloween costume he said (through the mask), “Even superheroes love their moms!”

But the best thing he said (and he said alot while he had that costume on, somehow he gained much confidence while wearing it) was this, “You know superheroes are strong… like this many (he held up 5 fingers), but God is stronger, he is like this many (both hands went up, all 10 fingers).”  Wow, what a great reminder… from the mouth of babes, I mean little boys.  Am I a blessed mom or what?

I think Canon might be going as a charismatic Spiderman on Halloween!

Nobody knows who he is!

Nobody knows who he is!


2008 Book Fair Purchases

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The school has a yearly scholastic book fair every year and it is always fun to see what comes home.  I’ve sent blank checks (not a good idea) and sometimes barely scraped together $10 to put in the backpack.  This year, Melodi “raised her own money” in the form of a lemonade stand this past weekend.  That’s my girl!  She’s been around me long enough to know if you don’t ask for the sale it will become someone else’s profit.

Anyway, below is a picture of what she came home with… all I can say is she might sing like her Daddy but she reads like her Mommy.  Notice this is a picture of a poster, not of books.

I am really wondering about this poster.


Saturday Morning Cartoons

Posted by Shelley on Oct 4, 2008 in kids

So I’m up early and have barely had one cup of coffee.  My four year old has discovered that he has “no school” on Saturdays.  If I let him, he will sit on the couch with his jammies on all day and watch TV.  We started with SpiderMan and then Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Then some show about humans morphing into dinosaurs.  Now we are at an all time high… or is low?  Where is my coffee?

Introducing…. Sushi Pack.  Yes, it is animated pieces of crime fighting sushi.  The sushi pack team lives inside a fridge in a donut shop with their human friend, Ben.  Canon’s favorite is the “little fire guy”.  Yes, that would be the wasabi.  Forget the coffee!  Maybe I need some sake!



He’s A Jolly Good Fellow

Posted by Shelley on Aug 9, 2008 in kids

happy birthday!

Someone told me before he was born he would be my joy

canon and cake

And along the way he has stolen my heart too.

me and Canon


Family Fun Pack

Posted by Shelley on Jul 22, 2008 in Real Life Stories, kids, songs

So we’ve hit the point in the summer where I’ve enrolled the kids in just about any camp I can afford.  Which means we are in the car quite a bit driving to and fro.  I am an avid radio surfer so we get our fill of Rick and Bubba, country, praise and worship music and of course, classic rock.

I’ve been hearing an advertisement for the Family Fun Pack you can win by being the 10th caller on Birmingham’s latest classic rock station.  The thing is, I can’t quite get past this being a family event.

Over the weekend my daughter picked up on it too.  If you look up “perceptive” in the dictionary her picture is right beside the word.  Basically, we live in an avid Guitar Hero house.  In fact, she is working on going from medium difficulty to hard.  And she is acing it!  Problem is, Daddy has currently banned the Poison song, “Talk Dirty to Me” from being played on the game, therefore she can’t get to the next level.  All the songs must be “mastered” before you move on… she officially has this on her agenda now.  And he officially has said, “you can listen to that song when you get married.”

What do we hear on the radio as our family of four moves along the interstate to church?  The banned song along with the words, “Win a Family Fun Pack, be the tenth caller!”  And she exclaims, “HOW can you win tickets for your family?”  Again, she is putting together her case very effectively.  “You mean the WHOLE FAMILY can go?  but isn’t that the song Daddy won’t let me do on Guitar Hero?”

I start laughing as Mike suggests along with a koozie for your beer you also get a sippy cup with Poison’s logo and a stripper pole for mom in the Family Fun Pack.  Honestly, what about Brett Michael’s suggest FAMILY?  Fun… yes, if you count 25 skanky women throwing up on your TV show fun.  Family?  Well, I just realized that I just described fun for some families.


Great Example of the Social Innoculation Theory

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OK! Magazine

 There are so many things not OK with this.

I was watching the morning news and learned this would be on the newstands today.  This prepared me, but not really.  One quick errand to the grocery store with my 9 year old reminded me that no matter how OK this picture on the OK magazine appears to be it’s not OK.  But thank you Jamie Lynn for throwing this “out there” for me to discuss before the spend the night party tonight.  I mean, this is my daughter’s age group, the Zoey 101 fan club.  And it has been discussed… on their level and on mine… which means, it will get discussed tonight.  I know, I was 9 years old once.

 Melodi:  It’s kind of like puppies mating isn’t it, Mom?

Mom (which is me):  Well, yes, but puppies don’t have babies before they finish highschool.  Puppies don’t have babies before they get married!

Melodi:  So she won’t go to college?

Mom (still me):  No… she needs to go to college… she needs to finish highschool… she needs to be married!

Melodi:  Her sister didn’t get it right either did she mom?

Mom (trying to keep it together):  Well, she actually finished highschool and got married and had two babies…

Melodi:  But she didn’t take care of them.

Mom:  (please, this conversation must be coming to an end!)  right.

Melodi:  It’s like their family is the worst case scenario.  I’ve heard you say that before.

Right now I am just glad that my opinion of what the worst case scenario is matters to her.  I do hope to keep up the influence on my daughter since Hollywood seems to be glamourizing Jamie Lynn’s teen motherhood.  Do you agree?  Am I crazy or over-sensitive?  Talk about the social innoculation theory.  Don’t get me started!  This magazine did a textbook job of it.




Charmed I’m Sure

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I needed some extra rest today so I got off my feet with a really great book that I have been trying to read for over a year a now.  Yes, I know, I know.  It’s less than 150 pages long and I really should’ve finished it by now.  But that’s another post.

This book is a real treat, even if I only get to read a page at a time.  I was busy finishing chapter 12, thinking, “I’m almost there!” (there are 16 chapters) and next thing you know here come little feet running down the hall.  My son jumps on the bed and says, “mom, why don’t ya move that book?”  He wants to be right where the book is and well, he decides to sprawl across me where the book is (he’s not quite 4 years old yet).

He realizes he’s interrupted me as I tell him, “why don’t you move your body b/c my book was here first…” and he just turns on the charm.  Out of nowhere comes his next statement:

“Mom, if you was a bunny I would pick ya… and if Dad was a bunny I would pick him too.”

Anita Renfroe’s book of wisdom is tabled for later… I am sure she will understand!  Obviously, my little boy won that battle :)


Litany (Life Goes On)

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I see life like a mirror… And I see life so much clearer. We move so quickly, who knows where the time goes…


Canon Labs

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Forget what you are supposed to do with the sprinkler. Be the sprinkler.


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