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Shelley Costanza

I just sat here and did a search on George Costanza from the Seinfeld show. As usual, the internet simply amazes with the amount of information it contains all about a fictional character. At any rate, I was most interested … Continue reading

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Here’s That Recipe (it didn’t taste this healthy!)

Chicken Lasagna Florentine (slow cooker recipe) 2 cans cream of chicken soup (reduced sodium), 1 10oz. package of frozen chopped spinach (thawed, drained and squeezed dry), 1 9oz. package Tyson frozen diced cooked chicken, 1 8oz. carton of reduced fat … Continue reading

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The Dog Whisperer

Have you had a chance to catch this show on cable? It’s like a supernanny for dogs or something. This guy comes in and resolves the issues between dogs and their owners. It has been one of those shows I … Continue reading

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Two Birthdays, One Anniversary and A Funeral

By 7pm tonight all I really wanted to do was stare at one blank spot on a big white wall. Alone. In the quiet of nothingness. Maybe this computer screen counts? Don’t I wish! In the past four weeks we’ve … Continue reading

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In the Light of Things

From the sixth hour until the ninth hour darkness came over all the land. matthew 27:45 I don’t know that I can really understand the kind of darkness my Heavenly Father demonstrated upon this earth as his Son became my … Continue reading

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Right Time, Wrong Panera Bread

I knew after posting my comments last night on early morning time with God that this Tuesday would set itself apart from the rest, meaning, if I did manage to get up early just really how would that affect my … Continue reading

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Afternoon Showers

As a married woman and a mother of two young children it occurred to me today that the series of events that brought me to this present life were afternoon showers. Maybe a dozen? Between wedding and baby showers I … Continue reading

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A Second Chance For the Millionth Time

Sisters from Bible Study, this one is for you! You were there today, you know where I’m going with this, of what I am going to remind you. We left there today knowing we had been to a bonafide Baptist … Continue reading

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What’s Been On My Mind

It’s amazing but it’s true A little less me, a little more you Trying to walk in step In tandem It’s getting harder May just need to give in to this And realize what I’ve known all along A little … Continue reading

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