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Can You Dig It?

I was 6 years old the summer of 1978. I broke my left arm that year and soon after that Mom became pregnant with my middle sister. My Dad was in medical school and I began first grade with tall … Continue reading

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Circus, Circus

I’ve always thought I should’ve jumped that circus train Taking me places Where you get paid for flying by the seat of your pants Like those trapeze artists do. Or by simply being different It becomes a line on a … Continue reading

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Growing Up Sassy

So, Melodi came into the world knowing how to talk. She very soon learned the art of imaginary friends, to be honest, she couldn’t have been more than two and a half when Sassy came on the scene. In fact, … Continue reading

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A Psalm of Shelley borrowed from Frances

Written in the 1800′s, this hymn was resounding loud and clear in my mind and spirit when I awoke Saturday morning. I haven’t sung it recently, I haven’t heard it recently and to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever … Continue reading

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Life’s A Beach

At this point in my life I have been to the beach as a follower far more times than I have been the leader on the way to the beach. I mean, your parents, youth group, high school band trip, … Continue reading

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Do you see ten cows?

Ran across this story from Zig Ziglar, it brought several things to my mind: Long ago in Hawaii, the price for a father to give his daughter as a bride was measured in cows. There was a father who had … Continue reading

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