I Want My MTV

Posted by Shelley on Sep 20, 2006 in Real Life Stories

So it is a quiet Wednesday night and I have nothing to do. Actually, I have a million things to do but I am chosing not to do them. And what do we red-blooded Americans do when we make this choice? WATCH TV! I have the remote, no one is saying “mom” every five seconds and there is an empty couch beckoning me to forget about laundry, packing backpacks for the morning or paying bills. There is TV to watch! Now, mind you this happens rarely. Thus, I have no idea what I am watching nor what channel anything is on. I see that there is a two year old child missing and a break in the case on Fox News… that’s enough to keep me up half the night so I don’t watch that. Celebrity Fit Club, Trick My Truck on CMT and the Ted Turner interview on CNN didn’t hold my attention. But wait! It’s Wednesday! Everyone I know is either ti-voing (is that a word?) or watching Two A Days. The brainchild of MTV starring my hometown of Hoover, Alabama. I can’t find MTV anywhere on our TV. We have every other channel but that one. Mike has it blocked while changing channels. I finally figure this out.

When I land on MTV I start getting confused because I honestly couldn’t tell where Laguna Beach ended and Two A Days started. And since I’m not totally sure I’ve found MTV I am even more confused because a bunch of teenagers with lots of highschool drama is what I found. Which is what this Two A Day show has turned into. Eventually, if you watch it long enough you see the guys dressed out and some football action. Honestly, as a woman I never knew the thrill of a touchdown. At least I can live vicariously through this show right?

Oh I don’t think so. MTV has taken way too many creative liberties with this. In fact, I hate to think what the rest of America thinks about our teenagers around here. I know some of these kids and go to church with their parents. It is less than accurate. Clearly, writers have quit writing and editors simply cut and paste this stuff together to get a storyline. My highschool was drama filled but it was conservative 1980s drama. I have no idea what the heck is really going on in this show except that if I watch Laguna Beach long enough I might figure it out. A friend of mine asked me over the weekend what did I expect from MTV? I guess I’m glad Mike has it blocked. He just got home, asked me, “is this MTV? it looks like a highschool project…” Oh me, it has gotten worse. All this to say, I’m grateful for Nick at Night and long for the way things used to be. At least once upon a time I could watch music videos on this channel. And to think that was considered corrupted behavior! Where is that remote???


January 29, 1989

Posted by Shelley on Sep 13, 2006 in Real Life Stories

This doesn’t happen often and I’m almost paralyzed in my amazement but also prompted to write about His lovingkindness that knows no end.

I was studying 1 Corinthians 12:4 on this particular day; I marked my Bible everywhere back then and dated it nearly everytime I was in it. I am so grateful to know as my life seemed in shambles early on that year that somehow someway I was in His Word. Trying to pay attention. Among my broken heart and various other 16 year old problems there I was, in the Bible, giving it some kind of shot.

I’m in the same skin I was in 17 years ago. It’s older, there seems to be more of it. But somehow the Lord decided to remind me I’ve always wanted to get in His Word, know Him and give some effort. As I ran across this dated point of reference in the Bible of my girlhood it’s like He is reassuring me in some way that I came through whatever was going on then just like He is getting me through it now. The reason this is significant is because in January of this year on the 29th day I found myself turning to 1 Corinthians 12:4.

There are lots of Bibles in my house. I chose to look through this one earlier this year on that particular day. It is basically a love letter to myself I began writing in 1981 after I received the bible from loving granparents. He brought me to January 29, 2006, guided my steps, watched the calendar and made the appointment. It moved me so much I wrote what you are reading now and put it close by so I could reminded of the lovingkindness my God is demonstrating to me, beyond anything a human can do.

I wish I knew exactly what was up that day I wrote in my bible but that might be living a little but too much in the past! The most important thing here is to see if He arranged all of this 17 years ago what kind of sweet and mighty thing might he be arranging 17 years from today?


Beauty Advice

Posted by Shelley on Sep 9, 2006 in bible study

A quick word search on the word radiant consistently pointed out definitions involving light, brightness and even splendor. My husband further pointed out the significance of a radial beam, which means something circular, even reflective (and a bunch of other stuff that had to do with computers)… this word has been imprinted on my heart and mind for so long I knew for me it had much more to do with something else I needed to understand.

The etymology of the word further confirmed the significance of Mike’s interpretation because of a synonym; if you will – resplendent, meaning to shine back. Now, we can all be radiant. Goodness knows with a credit line big enough becoming beautiful or confident is affordable. But that’s not what this about. I want to be resplendent! I’ve never even heard of that word til just now.

Because of the middle English and Latin history of the word I began to realize the root word splendor. Now I don’t know about you but the only reason I use the word splendor is to describe our Heavenly Father. I can honestly say I’ve never used it to describe my lovely children or devoted husband. And I can surely say most of us women wouldn’t use it to describe ourselves either. Well listen up.

The Lord intends for you, dear sister, to be resplendent. I am sure of this. Two verses confirm this message He intends for me to share with you. We do just about anything in our culture to be beautiful. But if we take ourselves out of this temporal place and look to what our Eternal Father has to say about this you will find being beautiful is simply radiating back to him the likeness of Himself.

The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart. The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes. Psalm 19:8
Who is like the wise man? Who knows the explanation of things? Wisdom brightens a man’s face and changes its hard appearance. Ecclesiastes 8:11

I promise I am qualified to speak out on this. I spend a great deal of my time worrying about what I look like. It has been very freeing for me to understand some real beauty advice… the commands of the Lord can improve the wrinkles and dark circles around my eyes? Wisdom from God can change my appearance? You might want to say I’ve taken this stuff a little too far but so far I have found no ingredient in my present beauty regimine that promises me to become resplendent. That kind of radiance can only come from the daily walking I do with the Holy Spirit. Join me on this walk and let’s encourage each other that we are radiant and full of splendor because we are SAVED! I know someone reading this needed to hear that just now. Thank you Jesus, for becoming the ugly face of sin and death so that we can radiate back to you your glorious splendor.


Labor Day 1978

Posted by Shelley on Sep 4, 2006 in poetry

In the late summer
It gets real hot
The hose pipe keeps us cool
And the popsicles… we eat a lot
Beneath the big tree in grandmom’s backyard.

Walking to the railroad tracks
Was easy and fun
Using the sidewalks
No harm done
Running, playing, climbing those big trees
Being six years old
Was an absolute breeze.

Til I decided it was time
To jump from the swing set to the limb
Of that big tree
Like the bigger kids did

Lying on my back
I missed the limb
Broke my arm
Summer was done
Beneath the big tree in grandmom’s backyard.


Posted by Shelley on Sep 2, 2006 in kids

Monday’s child is fair of face,
Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
Thursday’s child has far to go,
Friday’s child is loving and giving,
Saturday’s child works hard for a living,
But the child that’s born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny, blithe, good and gay.

I have two children, a Monday and a Thursday. Not that I needed this poem to tell me about them or what I might expect… most of us mothers know what we are in for while our babes are in-utero. What continues to fascinate me is the distinct difference between the two and how can I possibly be the same mother to two totally different individuals?

Case in point: my sweet daughter saw a big red notebook in the kitchen recently. It was titled “The Dad Notebook.” She looked at it, wondered out loud, what is this? But intuitively knew she didn’t want the answer. Mike suggested this tactic after realizing we needed to de-program some kind of new attitude which at best was just becoming well… less than acceptable? So, I conjured up some old binder and took my permanent marker and named it the dad notebook. We are to write anything in it that Dad needs to know about. Nothing has been written in it. Yet.

She absolutely, positively does not want to disappoint her Daddy. So, I’ve indicated that anything that happens before Dad gets home that he needs to know about will get written in that book. I am sure that may seem drastic but she spends much of her time debating and perfecting skills that will one day pay alot of money in the courtroom. But, right now, she is in Mom’s jurisdiction and at least I’ve got a man backing me up!

On to Canon. So sweet… “wook mommy, I did it!” I hear this several times a day. He needs my attention, my approval and my accolades. And when it comes to Daddy it basically turns into a match of physical power. Mike wins. A couple of weeks ago he was able to tell me, “wuv you mommy”… funny it happened the same week he got several spankings. Amazing that his little brain already thinks so differently than mine.

Monday and Thursday. Wouldn’t trade ‘em for the world.

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