God Simply Speaks

Posted by Shelley on Oct 30, 2006 in Real Life Stories

Last week I had a car beside me at a red light with this on the license plate: dilgnce.
If I added two vowels I saw the word, diligence. The reason this spoke to me is because one of the biggest conversations I’ve ever had with God happened by way of license plates. I know he was reminding me with lovingkindness that what He stirred in me in 2005 required diligence to press on towards the goal. I stand amazed at how He has supernaturally gotten my attention. I am even more amazed that I am listening! Read on.

God spoke to me on the highway a year and a half ago traveling a daily errand route. Isn’t that how He does it? He picks the most ordinary way of talking to us, simple people and simple tasks. The hard part is when He’s trying to get our attention. It can be uncomfortable, uneasy and downright frustrating but when He gets our attention it is because He has something to say. Here’s what the God of the universe said to me that day after He used all his techniques to get my attention.

I looked up ahead of me and on a license plate read:
This is fitting I said to myself, I need to be reminded of this. I looked up and thought, Thanks God for the gentle reminder.
Not five seconds later another car passes on the left and the plate reads:

Whoa. A complete sentence. Well, if I’ve ever had a moment that God is trying to tell me something it was then. He simply told me, Oh grow up in the word, Shelley.
A sentence made on a daily errand route, no voices, no familiar faces… just the way he always talked to his people… indescribably the Holy Spirit.

I can honestly tell you the previous month’s series of events brought me to a breaking point. Otherwise, I would’ve missed the whole thing. Had I not started that particular month crying over Melodi turning six my heart would not have been softened. Also anxiety beyond explanation became a thorn in my side; all of sudden God became a little bit bigger. Sickness invaded a usually healthy household and the physical ailments in my infant son Canon caused major fatigue in the thirtysomething members of the house. Again, slowing me down, however, I chose to fight it all the way. The big SUV being crumpled like aluminum foil got my attention too. I had no kids in the car, wasn’t on the phone, it was beautiful weather and there appeared to be no good reason to have rear ended someone who just happened to be someone who I actually knew. Ugh.

And seeing a particular Bible study workbook I had shelved, waiting on me for the right moment…. the right faith building moment…. captured my hurting heart, exasperated mind, tired body and I knew He had my attention. He wants for me what He’s always wanted. To grow up in the word. I can only take those baby steps for so long. Physically, we all learn to stand and walk and then run. He wants it to be the same way for us spiritually. It’s time to grow up in His word. Diligence is necessary to what He has asked me to do. I appreciate the gentle reminder and want to pass this on to you Dear Sister. Oh, grow up in the word. Daily determination. Discourse with God. Diligence.


Super “Natural” Glue

Posted by Shelley on Oct 23, 2006 in bible study

He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.

Colossians 1:17

If you are having a come apart day like I’m having I simply remind you of this: YOU are not the super-glue! HE is! So stop trying to keep it all together without His help. Christian wife/mom/sister/daughter/ lesson 101… start your day with him (before all things) and He will help hold all things (mainly, yourself) together.


Sufficiency of Grace

Posted by Shelley on Oct 7, 2006 in songs

In a time when school shootings become headline news and my mind just can’t handle all the heartache I know I am supposed to look beyond the temporal and focus on the eternal. A song I heard yesterday captures my goal, which for some seems effortless and for others (like me) it’s like fighting all your battles with no equipment, no helmet, no backup. I know that’s not true but at times it sure feels that way.

Melodi was born on April 1st , 1999… within days a school named Columbine in Jefferson County somewhere out west was all over the news. What have I done? I brought a child into the world who might be subject to a school shooting? Post partum depression, the reality of parental responsibility and suddenly the “real time” world of news collided and I just knew I would not make it past that month as a new mother. Through His sufficiency of grace I have made it through 7 birthdays and lots of other bad news on cable TV. I can honestly say that’s not me it’s Him.

Are you basically thinking whatever you are facing is not fix-able? I heard this week on Beth Moore’s television program that many of us assume our problems are just too big and that God a) can’t handle them and b) doesn’t want to. She was quick to point out how this attitude demonstrated an elitest attitude toward God. How could the problems of this 21st world be too big or too unfixable for God? Or maybe it’s a 19th century problem that has followed you through generations of messed up people. Have our situations become too big for the one who made the heavens and earth with His outstretched hand? Have I become that pious to insinuate to the God of the Universe that He can’t fix it? Thank goodness for the concept of His sufficiency of grace. Until you experience it you almost can’t explain it. Accepting what is without explaination is what I call sufficiency of grace.

lyrics by Greg Long

If there is a shadow
I can’t see it
If this is my cup
I’ll learn to drink it
If there is a purpose
You’ll reveal it
But for today I found my place
In the sufficiency of grace


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