Muppet Theology

Posted by Shelley on Mar 23, 2007 in songs

For those of you old enough to appreciate seeing the Muppet Movie you’ll also be old enough to appreciate these lyrics. What kind of movie are you writing? Are you beginning with the end in mind? I hate to sound cliche but it really isn’t a dress rehearsal is it?

Life’s like a movie, write your own ending
Keep believing, keep pretending
We’ve done just what we set out to do.
Thanks to the lovers, the dreamers, and you.



Posted by Shelley on Mar 17, 2007 in Real Life Stories

I spend a great amount of time in the car. It did not strike me as odd that one way I would hear from God would be through license plates. I am constantly seeing them in front of me, I actually take the time to read them and figure them out. He knows this about me, I believe He made me this way. So I have gotten use to this and consider myself blessed by it, even if it means there is a special hall in the psyche ward for folks like me.

A funny thing happened tonight. A deliberate, “see I told you so” moment that only God orchestrates. While on a Shaw family outing I noticed a license plate in front of me. So I start trying to figure it out…. “hey, I think that guy’s name is Wally in front of us.” The plate read something like “imwally” which could have meant several things but I gave my interpretation. My husband, knowing I have divine revelations from license plates says, “so is God telling you to go find a new guy named Wally?” Really, he will sign the necessary paperwork to commit me when the time comes.

Immediately I say, “No!!! As a matter of fact God has been very quiet lately, thank you very much. In fact, every license plate I have seen has been just like the one we just saw. Last night someone had the word ‘actuary’ on the back of their car. I assume that they are very proud of what they do for a living.” Honestly, I have had no deep, meaningful moments with God stemming from the back of cars in quite sometime. The last few words he gave me were ‘dilgenc’, ‘surrnda’ and ‘destind’, all seen on license plates over the last 6 months. However, the last few weeks have proved to be quiet. I see now He was getting ready to make a point. When you feel like He’s being more than quiet, I am very much convinced it is because you are about to hear from Him in a profound way.

The VERY NEXT car had something a little different between its two tail lights. Just about the time I say “look, every license plate I’ve seen lately has just been random. Like that one in front of us with a bunch of jumbled numbers or letters. Unless…. could that be Jeremiah 32, verse 27?” There, in front of us reads, “J32V27.”

The series of events and conversation we were having were not coincidence. Had we been half way joking about something else we might have missed that blessed moment of “I’m in the details” miracles of God. In God’s perfect timing, He showed up. Why do I ever think anything different? Thanks and praise be to Him! The glory continues to be revealed.

Jeremiah 32:27 I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?


The Contented Path of Mediocrity

Posted by Shelley on Mar 10, 2007 in poetry

Contented come what may…
Right now is simply is good as it gets.
Forget the dreams, the goals, the plans
Instead simply grab on, hold fast.

But what about the other road?
The higher one, less traveled on?
Maybe there is something there
That simply needs my grasp.

Change of plans, lost my way…
Detours, sidetracks, fast tracks, dead ends.
It doesn’t matter what they are called,
it simply may lead to nowhere fast.


What Snack Foods Can Teach Us

Posted by Shelley on Mar 6, 2007 in Real Life Stories

I bought a bag of Golden Flake corn chips and there is a huge sticker on the front that says, “National Corn Chip Month.” What kind of culture have we created that gives snack foods their own month?

Wait… there is really no problem here. If anything it is confirmation of something I’ll elaborate on at a later date. For now we’ll just leave it at this:

Trust in the LORD, and do good; dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.

Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him; do not fret.

For evildoers will be cut off, but those who wait for the LORD, they will inherit the land.

The steps of a man are established by the LORD; and He delights in his way.

Psalm 37:3, 7-9, 23


The Real Deal

Posted by Shelley on Mar 3, 2007 in Real Life Stories

You know, when your second grader is “schooling you” in the blogosphere, it’s time to write. Go to www.sassythecat.net to see more anecdotes on the Shaw household. There’s not much censorship when it comes to 8 year olds blogging so you pretty much have the real deal there.

Mike pointed out a week ago that it was the first time in THREE WEEKS that no one had a fever or flu-like symptoms. We will never miss flu shots again. It really began around the 30th of January. I had no idea how bad Mike felt. He went to the doctor which should’ve indicated that he was pretty bad off but when he came back with no antibiotics and simply a shot to help get over the “virus” I just didn’t think much of it. I was scheduled to attend an Area Manager’s retreat with Arbonne and I took off out of town, actually it was out of the country since I was on a cruise to the Bahamas (btw, if you need full time pay on part time hours let me know, you will be amazed at this work from home opportunity!). Upon returning, in the airport no less, Mike tells me that Canon had started throwing up. I got home and realized Mike was still sick, the baby was getting over it, so there was two down and two go.

Within three weeks we each had this “flu-like” virus TWICE. Which meant my second grader missed nearly 2 weeks of school and I was simply not functioning one full week in February. Had it not been for Mike getting sick first, thus being the first one to get well this family would not have made it. He has done more grocery shopping, diaper changing, and general maintenance of this family than I’ve done in the last month. I am still trying to figure how to make it up to him.

One (albeit, expensive) effort that took place this past week was I hired a carpet cleaner and a couple of extra sets of hands to clean this house, in an effort to get rid of the germs. To be honest, celebrating Christmas, going to Disney, then having three weeks of flu means that at some point you just get behind. I’ll admit, I’m never caught up. There is always something better to do than laundry and I just had to get my head above water. So I called in reinforcements and paid them well. I heard this past week that with the appliances and technology of the 21st century we each have the equivalent to 20 or more servants helping us get through the day. I believe it. The sad thing is I need like 40 people helping me get the job done. And that’s the real deal.

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