Birthday Bliss

Posted by Shelley on Jul 29, 2007 in Real Life Stories

It’s pretty crazy when your metabolism starts dictating what you want for your birthday. Honestly, we could’ve been in the best jewelry store in Nevada and I still would have wanted to eat $200 worth of Italian food for my birthday dinner somewhere on the strip. There were LOTS of choices, we could’ve done a progressive meal from hotel to hotel and created an 8 course meal or something like that. But b/c my feet were quickly swelling from the walking and the heat I chose a wonderful Italian place in the hotel we were staying in and ate PASTA… and ended with tirmasu. There was bread, REAL Caesar salad (non of that diet dressing stuff) and a very simple WHITE sauced (not heavy, really rather light) pasta dish. For those of you post-baby and in your mid-thirties who stay on a diet you know I just described the most perfect meal. And someone else cooked it! I would like to think it was like the movie Ratatouille without the rat… back in the kitchen, a gourmet chef barking orders, “for the birthday girl!”

After being upgraded to a rather large suite, shopping for a new outfit (without kids and my husband close by giving me thumbs up), and just plain old-fashioned sightseeing you can see why the day was just about perfect. I even put $5 in the Kenny Rogers’ slot machine and got a$56 voucher back. How about that?!

BIG shouts out to my sisters for making sure the kiddos weren’t left alone. Along with my mom, dad and in-laws going far, far away for my birthday would not have been possible. Words cannot possibly say what Mike’s time and money meant to me on this trip… (oh, Las Vegas says “thanks” too). 35 looks like it is going to be the best year yet!


Late Night with Shelley Shaw

Posted by Shelley on Jul 19, 2007 in Real Life Stories

Sorry I have neglected my blogging as of late.  I’ve had some stuff to share but my mental energy has been spent on entertaining two children.  School starts in 3 and a half weeks… maybe you’ll start hearing more from me soon!

I’m going to keep this simple.  I’ll share what I watched on TV last night.  Watching TV is when I move from room to room checking to see what someone else is watching.  I don’t sit down to really watch it myself until about 11pm most nights.

Random television viewing started last night around 9:30pm and it was that Big Idea Show where people who have invented something get interviewed and talk about it.  This navy seal had managed to develop a better way to do a push up using some specialized equipment.  At one time in my life I would’ve probably bought the newest exercise gizmo… (yes, I owned a thighmaster) but right now doing a push up is the last thing on my list.  Unless it has to do with undergarmets (I can always use a push up padded bra).  The next inventor actually had done a great job marketing some clever undergarmets which I must say I will probably buy.  This was probably too much information but my brain is what you might call “summerized.”

Next up was Larry King.  He was interviewing Tammy Faye Baker.  She has cancer and is dying and well, she looked like it too.  It was terrible!  If you have seen The Emperor’s New Groove she looked like the character Izma.  Except worse!  Mike said, “this is starting to become a bizarre night on TV.”  Soon after that I made my way to the couch and saw a 91 year old man wrestling a twenty-something woman on CMT.  Next was the goofy guys on that Mythbusters show sinking a car with one of them in it.  As if that wasn’t enough we ended with us watching the Jerry Springer Show.  This show actually begins with a disclaimer, “This is one hour of your life you can never get back!” written across the bottom of the screen.  I’ll spare you the details but I only gave that show about 20 minutes of my life.  We finally turned the TV off.

Right now Mike is watching two shows (picture in picture) and changing the channels every so often.  There is some version of American Gladiators on but it is in Japanese?  These are not Americans.  As long as it is not the Nancy Grace show I think I’ll go join my man a little early on the couch tonight.  Over and out!


Land of the Free

Posted by Shelley on Jul 5, 2007 in Real Life Stories

This Independence Day has much more significance because one of my very own family members is active in the US Air Force. Uncle Tim left just a few short weeks ago to complete a tour of duty in the Middle East with the Air Force Band; we expect him home very soon. Tim is Mike’s brother and because of the internet we have actually had an opportunity to correspond with him! Amazing!

He is busy over there and we are getting a glimpse of the “real deal.” After experiencing my freedom over the past 35 years I still don’t think I will ever truly comprehend the amount of unseen work that goes into keeping us free in the United States. Stuff makes the headlines but I am so grateful to get hear of Tim’s first hand experience when he arrives home. We are so very proud of him and his wife, Aunt Tina, who is home in Warner Robins, Georgia holding down the fort.

I’ve got dead grass in my front yard but at least it is on American soil. And I have debts that need to be paid but last I checked they can be paid in American dollars. And the mosquitoes that ate me alive this week, let me remind you they feasted on red American blood!

To get to spend an afternoon in an air-conditioned environment or on a long lunch break is called freedom. After thinking about all this it sort of makes me really want to do something with it.

America is too great to dream small.

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