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Typical night at the Shaw house: Singing, dancing and watching the Blues Brothers.

Melodi was intent on “giving a concert” when brother went to bed and she started with a stellar version of ’9 to 5′ by none other than Dolly Parton. Next up was Aretha Franklin’s ‘Think’. All it took was a few measures of the CD and Mike began the movie. This was a coaching attempt on his part, while Aretha is telling off McIntyre Murphy we watched her acting as well as her singing and dancing… Mike says, “Look at her attitude Melodi! Sing it with your face!”

Now we’ve moved on to ‘Shake a Tail Feather’ with Ray Charles. This is reminiscent of my childhood, dancing with my Dad. Doesn’t seem that long ago and now I’m dancing with my own daughter.

Before we eject this DVD we’ll end with the usual statement from Mike, “They just don’t make movies like this anymore.” And I think he is right.


Doctor, Doctor

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Going to the dermatologist for me is a lot like going to the dentist for the rest of the world. Some people honestly can’t stand those twice yearly dental checkups or any work done in their mouth… for me, going to the “skin doctor” raises the same hesitations. Maybe it all started when I was 12 or 13 years old. I went to see someone about acne and left after they had placed shots in my face, into the actual pimple-zone. Yuck! And a little scary too!

I’ve been back to the dermatologist as an adult because my fair skin and various skin ailments give occasional scares… not the acne kind of scares but the “fair skinned could this be pre-cancer” kind of scares. Luckily any biopsies done so far have been routine and the place is burned or “iced” off with liqiud nitrogen. This makes my skin crawl (no pun intended!). At least my daughter went with me last time. I had to put on my big girl panties and be brave for the sake of holding it together in front of her. I did it although I didn’t like it.

Today I went back because a stubborn rash has developed on my lower legs and won’t go away. Guess what? They biopsied that too. I was ready for a shot, not shaving skin off my legs to send in to a lab. After some local and some whining on my part I got to leave with two band-aids and the “we’ll call you in a week” speech.

The waiting room was filled to the brim and honestly, I was the second youngest person there. The oldest person was a real hoot. Formerly a real estate attorney he deemed himself the entertainer of the bunch (I’m telling you it was standing room only). He went around the room asking your name and then drawing it out on a piece paper in old english style letters. He would autograph it Mickey Mouse.

Considering I was worried about getting home to take care of a sick child it occurred to me later that part of me can’t wait to have nothing to do but hang out at the dermatologist office. The elderly entertainer had been there since it had opened, had seen the doc and had no intention of leaving. Basically, he had found his days work in that busy waiting room. I’m not sure why that became part of the experience but there you have it.


Back To School Sketchers

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Honestly, I stumbled across this tax free holiday thing in Alabama this weekend. I knew it was out there but had no idea it was this weekend. Which made the back to school shopping I did on Friday even better when I looked at my receipt! We got several things done but needed to get out today to get back to school shoes. Which, of course, are always sketchers.

For a moment I wanted some back to school sketchers. At least if I was going back to school it would be okay if everyone around me acted like kids. Act your age, not your shoe size just doesn’t seem to be the advice we give each other anymore. Instead, we seem to be tolerating even more adolescent behavior than ever!

Well, that’s a topic for another post.

I bought Nikes in hopes of finding the Shelley who liked to exercise somewhere deep down inside of my body. I’ve let all my fitness certifications lapse and I guess after leading classes for seven years I just sort of got a little slack? Maybe I can at least show up and do PE with Melodi’s class this year. Or maybe I will figure out how to run a marathon. Who knows, the good part about this time of the year is there is certainly the anticipation of something new in the air. And that goes for whatever age you are (or whatever age you are acting like you are!)


HSBC’s Ladies Fall Bible Studies

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Here is a complete list of what is being offered at Hunter Street beginning in September. Most of these studies are offered for 10-12 weeks (some longer) and meet weekly or bi-weekly. Morning and evening choices are available plus childcare is offered for many of these!

Three years ago I had the opportunity to lead on Thursday mornings and continue doing so… I can’t tell you what blessings I have received by being a part of a small group! If you are not in a weekly small group I encourage you to take a look at these below. Regardless of your background, church affiliation or work schedule we have something for everyone! Hear my heart here: not only will you grow in knowledge but friendships and encouragement await you by becoming a part of one of these groups. Take the time to join a study and you will be so glad you did. Let me know if you have questions!

REVELATION PART 1 by Kay Arthur (precept study)
Mondays 6:15 p.m. 9/10/07 – 11/19/07 Room S112-114
Jesus’ Message to the Church. Want to know what the future holds? Come study Revelation and allow God’s plan to be revealed to you.
LEADER: Terri Houston 428-3141 or terrillah@aol.com

HE SPEAKS TO ME by Priscilla Shirer (daughter of Tony Evans)
Mondays 6:30-8:00 p.m. 9/10/07 – 10/22/07
Are you longing to hear God’s voice but feeling disconnected? Hungry for His presence? Need His leading? In the 7 weeks of her video and study guide with daily assignments and personal challenges, we will see how God spoke to Samuel and learn to position ourselves to hear from God personally.
LEADER: Mary Carolyn Sullivan 822-8882 sullivanken_mc@juno.com

SERMON ON THE MOUNT by Kay Arthur (precept study)
Tuesdays 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. Dates: 9/4/07 – 11/13/07 Room S112-114
Faith that does not compromise is promised a reward in the world to come and also a life free from anxiety in this world. Get a deeper understanding of the fruit and security that come with righteousness in the life of a true believer. You’ll never look at the Beatitudes the same way again! Kay’s video set for this revised study includes teaching on-location in Israel.
LEADER: Tracy Caldwell, 942-5803 or tracy.caldwell@charter.net

Tuesdays 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. Dates: 9/11/07 – 11/13/07 Room S109-110
This study Making Liberty in Christ a Reality in Life, leads you through a stud of the Scriptures to discover the transforming power of Christian freedom. Based on Isaiah 61:1-4, this in-depth study draws parallels between the captive Israelites and today’s believers.
LEADER: Marygene Allison 428-9055 or georgemarygene@juno.com

HE SPEAKS TO ME by Priscilla Shirer
Tuesdays 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. Dates: 9/11/07 – 10/23/07
Do you want to develop a more intimate prayer life? Even more, do you want to hear from God in practical ways? Based on the life of Samuel (who first heard God’s voice while still a small boy), this study will give you a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit. This book speaks directly to the need to develop a richer prayer life and a deeper, more intimate relationship with God and to learn how to comfortably share your experience of God with others.
LEADER: Angela Jones, 663-0209 angelaj6@bellsouth.net

WISING UP by Beth Moore
Tuesdays 6:30 p.m. 9/04/07 – 11/20/07
A teaching DVD series by Beth Moore from the book of Proverbs. A 60-minute DVD with a listening guide. No workbook/homework involved in this study.
LEADER: Jenny Williams 663-2445 or williams4676@bellsouth.net

DOWN BUT NOT OUT (How to Get Up When Life Knocks You Down) by Wayne Mack
Tuesdays 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. 9/11/07 – 11/13/07
None of us live a trouble-free or without-problems kind of life. This study gives practical answers from Scripture when the circumstances of life seem overwhelming. Topics include worry, anxiety, spiritual burnout, discontentment, discouragement and more. You will find out there is a supernatural way to overpower trouble, to live in contentment with a deep down peace and an unassailable joy.
LEADER: Judy Chiles, 824-4385 or judychiles@charter.net

A WOMAN’S HEART, GOD’S DWELLING PLACE (New & revised) by Beth Moore
Tuesdays 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. 9/11/07 – 11/13/07
You’re invited to enter the sanctuary of your God and let Him reveal marvelous mysteries to you. Explore the building of the tabernacle, uncover the significance of its intricate design, and learn its pivotal role in God’s eternal plan. You will be challenged to prepare your heart, like the holy of holies, to become a home for His love and glory – a dwelling place for the Most High God.
LEADER: Ashley Anderton 425-5544 ashleyanderton@bellsouth.net

DOWNPOUR by James MacDonald
Wednesdays 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. 9/5/07 – 11/21/07
Take hold of this opportunity for personal revival. Make yourself wholly His. Let nothing come in between you and God’s fresh downpour of mercy and grace. God wants to rain down on you not a trickle, but a torrent – a deluge of Himself. What’s required is a turning to Him with all that you are. Will you come? Great for a friend who is searching, seeking, longing for a closer relationship with the Lord.
LEADER: Debbie Beckmann 426-4226 dbeckmann@charter.net

Wednesdays 9:00-11:00 a.m. 9/5/07 – 11/14/07
You can know the glorious freedom of a life filled with the fruit of the Spirit. You will be challenged to pursue the only route to develop the fruit – by maintaining an intimate relationship with the Spirit of God.
LEADER: Nancy Bickings 982-6203 bickings@gmail.com

WISING UP by Beth Moore
Thursdays 9:15-11:00 a.m. 9/5/07 – 11/21/07
A teaching DVD series by Beth Moore from the book of Proverbs. A 60-minute DVD with a listening guide. No workbook/homework involved in this study.
LEADER: Shelley Shaw 979-2190 shelley@shelleyshaw.com

Thursdays 9:00-11:00 a.m. 9/6/07 – 11/15/07
Is our belief system working? Are our Christian lives successful? Are they achieving and experiencing what scripture said they would? This 10-week study will help women to explore what it means to believe God, trust in God and receive a fresh word from Him.
LEADER: Vicki Wilkins 663-4463 vkwilkins@bellsouth.net

Thursdays 9:15-10:30 a.m. 9/11/07 – 11/13/07
Linda Dillow writes “If you’re tired of worrying about all the ‘what ifs’ in your life and want to experience the calm and contentment promised in Scripture, Calm My Anxious Heart is what you’ve been looking for.” Join us as we learn to turn to Scripture for comfort and away from the sin of worry.
LEADER: Karen Rosenow 664-4798 krosenow@charter.net

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