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Typical night at the Shaw house: Singing, dancing and watching the Blues Brothers. Melodi was intent on “giving a concert” when brother went to bed and she started with a stellar version of ’9 to 5′ by none other than … Continue reading

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Doctor, Doctor

Going to the dermatologist for me is a lot like going to the dentist for the rest of the world. Some people honestly can’t stand those twice yearly dental checkups or any work done in their mouth… for me, going … Continue reading

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Back To School Sketchers

Honestly, I stumbled across this tax free holiday thing in Alabama this weekend. I knew it was out there but had no idea it was this weekend. Which made the back to school shopping I did on Friday even better … Continue reading

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HSBC’s Ladies Fall Bible Studies

Here is a complete list of what is being offered at Hunter Street beginning in September. Most of these studies are offered for 10-12 weeks (some longer) and meet weekly or bi-weekly. Morning and evening choices are available plus childcare … Continue reading

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