The second week of December

Posted by Shelley on Dec 14, 2007 in Real Life Stories

12 loads of laundry, 11 bils to pay, 10 days til Christmas, 9 baby gerbils, 8 trips to the grocery store, 7 birthday parties, 6 doctors appointment, 5 pounds gained, 4 batches of fudge, 3 visits to Target, 2 precious children and one heavily medicated mom!


Pecan Pie

Posted by Shelley on Dec 13, 2007 in Real Life Stories

I am eating it for breakfast because I had no excuse not to. Now I just have to fit in some exercise before I eat my second piece. At least I am wearing these shoes:


I can vouch for these folks. They even price-matched my shoes from another site and gave me the difference! The first time I wore them I had a 30 minute conversation with someone while standing up and was exhausted afterwards. Check it out and get some here by Christmas so you can literally stand there, eat your pecan pie and do isometric exercise all at the same time. I bought the blue suede ones and now I feel like Elvis while eating just about anything.



Posted by Shelley on Dec 12, 2007 in Real Life Stories

This was what I saw on the back of a car a few minutes ago.

It has been said an excuse is a well planned lie. If that is the case, then I’m in trouble with the 9th commandment.

Circumstances turn into excuses. So do bosses, co-workers, bank accounts and family members. These are not lies; they are simply the stuff of life. Maybe the way in which one responds to these things is what becomes the excuse, the well-planned alibi. At any rate, I like what it said and it gently reminded me that pressing on through life’s stuff is really what no excuses is all about. So, enough with my excuses and in the words of someone else (but I haven’t figured out how to put this on a license plate)… “Do the next right thing.”

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