If this is my worst offense

Posted by Shelley on Feb 21, 2008 in Real Life Stories

Then bring it on!

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eth·ic Listen to the pronunciation of ethic
Middle English ethik, from Middle French ethique, from Latin ethice, from Greek ēthikē, from ēthikos
14th century

1plural but sing or plural in constr : the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation2 a: a set of moral principles : a theory or system of moral values <the present-day materialistic ethic> <an old-fashioned work ethic> —often used in plural but singular or plural in construction <an elaborate ethics><Christian ethics> bplural but sing or plural in constr : the principles of conduct governing an individual or a group <professional ethics> c: a guiding philosophy d: a consciousness of moral importance <forge a conservation ethic>3plural : a set of moral issues or aspects (as rightness) <debated the ethics of human cloning>


January Gut Check

Posted by Shelley on Feb 1, 2008 in Real Life Stories

Courage is not the absence of fear; it is the willingness to do what needs to be done. -Cecilia Stoll, National Vice President and Top Ten Income Earner in Arbonne International

and on that note…

Always do right – this will gratify some and astonish the rest.
Mark Twain

and finally…

He who wishes to be rich in a day will be hanged in a year.
Leonardo da Vinci

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