The Room Mike Built

Posted by Shelley on Jun 26, 2008 in Real Life Stories

I am so proud!  Mike is completing the basement and built this room from scratch.  It’s kind of like the story about the fish and loaves.   Except there were credit cards involved.  And the economic stimulus package.

Honestly, it is a work of art!  And love!  The pictures won’t do it justice but here they are.  He hung an amazing (that means a tray-like ceiling giving us optimum headroom) drop ceiling that has like 400 pounds of tiles suspended above our heads.  And the woodwork is all his too.  Not to mention most of the drywall.  He even designed and installed the lighting.  We had some help on the carpet (installed just this morning)… and the paint we chose turned out to be the smurfiest blue ever!

the Shaw basement

the Room Mike Built

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