Michelle Obama’s Prepared Remarks

Posted by Shelley on Aug 25, 2008 in Real Life Stories

Here they are.

And while I would love to say that the same hope he gave to the streets of Chicago is exactly what this nation needs I would be buying into the rhetoric their party is famous for.  Has anyone given thought to the fact that the people who pulled up their bootstraps and got back on their feet might have done it regardless of who the leader was?  This next statement from her speech reads like a fairy tale.

“That’s why he’s running — to end the war in Iraq responsibly, to build an economy that lifts every family, to make health care available for every American, and to make sure every child in this nation gets a world class education all the way from preschool to college. That’s what Barack Obama will do as President of the United States of America.  He’ll achieve these goals the same way he always has — by bringing us together and reminding us how much we share and how alike we really are. You see, Barack doesn’t care where you’re from, or what your background is, or what party — if any — you belong to. That’s not how he sees the world. He knows that thread that connects us — our belief in America’s promise, our commitment to our children’s future — is strong enough to hold us together as one nation even when we disagree.”

What I see happening is enough people will have had enough and through ingenuity and good old fashioned American work they will pull it together regardless who is president.

Just like Larry Winget says, “Success is your own damn fault.”  If you want it bad enough it doesn’t matter who your president is or who your mayor is or who might be your neighborhood president.  What matters is what you want.  And if he wants to take credit for that so be it.  But it absolutely doesn’t matter who is president.  What matters is what YOU want and what you are willing to do to get there.  Because it still is a land full of opportunity.  All it takes is one fellow American to remind of you of that, not the president.


Surfing Is Believing

Posted by Shelley on Aug 21, 2008 in Real Life Stories

Over the last hour I have stumbled across three stories that have put me in an official BAD MOOD.

First of all, I have had trouble with my iphone too.  But to go to this extreme, well, it’s just extreme. Who has time or energy to sue Apple?  Maybe I’m just jealous she thought of it first.  She’s from right here in Birmingham and I bet if she spends any time in Homewood she probably has NO RELIABLE SERVICE b/c well, there is NO SERVICE in that part of town.  Or at the Kirkland Clinic.  Or on Rocky Ridge Road.  Or on Columbia Road.  Or in the mall.  Or in my house for that matter.  The point is, it has crappy service but I’ve just decided to live with it because it is a nifty gadget.  What it doesn’t have in service it makes up for in coolness.  And it’s a WAY CHEAPER plan than my frankenstein phone I lugged around from Verizon for two years.  Lately I’ve just had too much other stuff to worry about but that’s another post.

Secondly, I’ve been saying for two weeks now that those Chinese gymnasts are young’uns.  I’ve agreed with Bella the whole time.  Those Chinese folks.  The Olympics won’t be remembered for the grandeur of the (fake) opening ceremonies or their amount of (unjustified) gold medals but they will be remembered for the IOC investigation.  Kudos to the computer security guru (not the one I live with but the guy who writes this blog) whose determination uncovered the right data to bring this to light.

Now this.  This is just about too much.  This hits close to home for lots of reasons but the obvious one is I am married to a Christian singer/songwriter.  Please take a moment to read this and PRAY for this preacher/singer/songwriter. Is it marketing?  The all-mighty dollar?  Is he crazy?  Demon-possessed?  Or again, am I just mad that I got conned, along with an entire movement of people that came to appreciate his song in praise and worship and believe his story?  This one just makes me so mad I can’t even go on about it.  Lying about being sick and profiting from it is just about more than I can take.

Finally, I’ll add a bonus to this wonderful night to be surfing the internet.  Now Hallmark is just like the Auburn Gay and Lesbian Association who hung signs around campus stating, “Wear Jeans if you Support the AGLA.”  I went home and changed clothes that day because guess what… everyone was wearing jeans!  I guess I am going to have to find another place to shop if I care enough to send the very best.



Posted by Shelley on Aug 13, 2008 in bible study

This is generally a very funny website which uses lots of humor to point out “the stuff Christians like.”  It is widely-read and I think it gives great commentary and is right on.  Today’s post  (#375, scroll down a bit) was a little bit more serious.  But it was well done and certainly something I needed.  So thanks to Jon over in Georgia for giving me a mighty good perspective on what I think I may have forgotten about.


How do you say Milli Vanilli in Chinese?

Posted by Shelley on Aug 12, 2008 in Real Life Stories

Apparently, this is how.

You know, if you are chubby-faced with crooked teeth and can sing opera in America you might get your own reality show.  And I thought we were imaged-obsessed!  The article states, “The country’s quest for perfection apparently includes its children.”  I think I’m just mad that I got duped when I watched it for myself.  Just like the pain we all felt when Milli Vanilli blew their cover… remember that one girls?  Ugh.. blame it on the rain… that would be the fake, digitized rain that the Chinese invented for their “perfect” opening ceremonies.


He’s A Jolly Good Fellow

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happy birthday!

Someone told me before he was born he would be my joy

canon and cake

And along the way he has stolen my heart too.

me and Canon


My Earth Suit

Posted by Shelley on Aug 6, 2008 in Real Life Stories

I’m home from the dermatologist where I had a basal cell carcinoma removed today.  Yes, that would be skin cancer.

Really, this is the “mildest” form, the least aggressive… it’s only a small sore which wouldn’t heal, on my right shoulder.  The worst part was them working so close to my ear.  I could hear everything.  And the tugging.  Ugh, I am sown up tightly that is for sure (looks to be at least a dozen stitches).  No lifting for two weeks, which is fine because I don’t want to get sown up again.  Maybe super glue would work if I needed some extra reinforcement.

I came into the world fair-skinned and got my freckles pretty early.  My hair was basically platinum blonde and my days as a little girl were spent barefoot and sunburned.  I remember getting to be about 7 or 8 years old and wondering how the heck I was ever going “to outgrow” my freckles.  By the time I was 25 I realized outgrowing them just wasn’t in my genes.  I sure wish I could’ve kept the really blonde hair though, it has cost a pretty penny to keep that up.

So, you might say my earth suit got an alteration today. ;)

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