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Little Shop of Horrors – Shaw Style

Melodi was 5 when she lost her first tooth.  It was exciting, it was sentimental, the tooth is somewhere in this house.  But it was also, well, dramatic.  And this has been going on for 4 years now.  Not only … Continue reading

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Even Superheroes Love their Moms

After school today I had a surprise for my little man.  Aunt Stacey gave us a great book, Even FireFighters Love their Moms and we read it often.  Once he was dressed in his Halloween costume he said (through the … Continue reading

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2008 Book Fair Purchases

The school has a yearly scholastic book fair every year and it is always fun to see what comes home.  I’ve sent blank checks (not a good idea) and sometimes barely scraped together $10 to put in the backpack.  This … Continue reading

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The Heart of (economic crisis) Dixie

Mountain Brook made this list. I don’t spend much of my day thinking about this kind of stuff.  But when I see Alabama come up in two separate articles regarding this economic crisis I have to take notice. CC2: Robert … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Cartoons

So I’m up early and have barely had one cup of coffee.  My four year old has discovered that he has “no school” on Saturdays.  If I let him, he will sit on the couch with his jammies on all … Continue reading

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What do you suppose?

A chicken?  On Lorna Road? sustantivo 1. Polluelo o pollo; gallina (hen); pollo (as generic term). To play chicken -> jugar a ver quién es más gallito Don’t count your chickens (before they’re hatched) -> no cantes victoria antes de … Continue reading

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