The Top Ten Reasons why I love, admire and respect my Husband!

Posted by Shelley on Dec 4, 2008 in Mike

#1) While getting the kids to the car, he kept everyone dry this morning on this lovely rainy day = Thoughtful

#2) He helped me fold clothes last night (without me even asking!) = Intuitive

#3) He takes me on a weekly lunch date = Consistent

#4) He loves to watch Malcolm in the Middle with me = HAL (need I say more?)

#5) He knows where I’m going and where I’ve been = Unconditional

#6) His facebook statuses are absolutely the funniest thing I will read all day = Witty

#7) In regards to our over the top, incredibly fake WHITE Christmas tree, he doesn’t complain = Patient

#8) Even though he’s never been to seminary, he totally knows his Bible = Intelligent

#9) He can benchpress and leg press A LOT of weight for a thirty-something year old guy = Strong

#10) He understands my need to be the Barbie doll I think I am = he’s my Ken doll!

#11) oh yeah, he can write lyrics and sing too!  (like in Spinal Tap, we will go to 11) = Talented

I love you, Mike!

I love you, Mike!

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