June 7, June 23 and July 26

Posted by Shelley on Jul 31, 2009 in Real Life Stories

6-7-89.  I always thought that was so cool to have a birthday with consecutive numbers like that.  That birthday belongs to Kelsey.  The summer I turned 17 also brought with it my youngest sister.  She’s in college, a sophomore at my alma mater, Auburn University.  I often ask her if I could just come stay a night and “pretend” that I’m in college with her.  It’s only a request because currently as mom of two and wife of one it’s just not easy to pick up and say, “I’m crashing in Auburn tonight.  See you tomorrow.”  But I can always count on her to let me know what’s going on, especially on my phone.  For example, she sent me a text the morning Billy Mays was discovered dead in his house, “Shelley, is it true Billy Mays is dead?”  I always try to be accurate when replying to Kelsey’s questions so after a quick search on google I confirmed it for her.  (I get news faster from her than I do CNN).  She posts to my facebook page.  She reminds me that yes, I once was 20 years old.  If it wasn’t for Kelsey I’d be pop-culturally deficient I am sure.  In fact, I am sure my kids would be too.  Kelsey has passed on more way-cool items to my children than I can count.  Her hand-me-downs bring with them a coolness that can’t be bought at a department store.  We heart Kelsey!

Rewind 10 more years.  Stacey came along in June of 1979 and I’ll never forget it because I was nearly 7 years old.  The first time we thought she was coming I went and stayed with my cousins, thinking the entire time that surely mom would have twins so I could have one and she have one.  It was a false alarm and when the real delivery happened we ushered in my dad’s sister to come to stay with me.  Aunt Nita didn’t have any kids so this was always an adventure when she was my babysitter.  The main thing I remember about that is she lost me in the grocery store.  Eventually we were reunited, after hearing my name called across the loudspeaker.  And then they brought sweet little Stacey home and my life changed forever.  In a good way.  Stacey’s been an important part of my life for 30 years now.  I love her dearly.  She shares her birthday with Dad many times because they are only a day apart.  A very generous and giving person, she loves creating fun memories for my children.  They adore her!

So, here we are, ever so close to the end of summer.  I just celebrated my birthday and that in itself was always the ceremonial “summer is almost over” check point.  Most folks were usually out of town, getting in their summer vacations which meant it was really hard for us to pull a party together at that stage of the summer.

However, one year in particular was different.  1983.  My very dear friend put together a surprise party for me.  I was turning 11 years old and I thought we were just getting together to play with our “adoption” dolls.  And much to my surprise a carport full of people had shown up and surprised me!  We have lots of pictures from that event…it was sort of bittersweet because it turned into a going away party.  We moved a couple of weeks after that.  But I’ll never forget it and Leslie is still my friend after all these years.

1972.  37 years ago my blog started.  That’s pretty neat when you stop to think about it.


Save Shelley’s Splurge At Starbucks PLEASE!!!

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Last week I read an article which explained that Starbucks was going to discontinue their gluten free Valencia Orange Cake because it wasn’t a healthy option. Whatever!!! And I suppose the blueberry cheesecake muffin and double chococlate chip mocha is healthier???

I’m not bashing Starbucks. Honestly, I just want an occasional splurge there too!

On Monday I had a chance to sample this treat. To be honest, I really didn’t know I had an option like that at Starbucks. I rarely go anymore and I’m always one to save my calories (and money) for something else anyway. So I generally don’t order much more than a tall Pikes Peak or a skinny latte when the urge hits me.

But on Monday the server asked if I wanted a muffin to go with my latte. I said, “yes, I wish I could but I can’t have any wheat or gluten.” He quickly replied, “Oh, well you can have the gluten free orange cake!  It has almonds though, can you have almonds?” And I said, “why yes, I can!” I was thrilled.

I can’t tell you how “normal” I felt when I ate that cake with my latte.

So, if you wouldn’t mind signing this petition I would be forever grateful. No, I didn’t start it. But I got it serendipitously today in my email inbox and felt like it was divine intervention! Help me save my splurge at Starbucks! Please click here.


Mid Summer Report

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We’ve been busy. We’ve been lots of places and done lots of things. When we aren’t on the go, we’re eating, watching TV, having friends over, or playing our gameboys. Sleep is in there somewhere. More so for sister than brother. She doesn’t get up before 10am if she can help it (brother is up by 7am most days – oh, joy!). Speaking of sister, she’s getting paid this summer to do some chores, babysit her brother and teach her Nana computer lessons.

Survival techniques for mom include three musketeers bars and energy drinks.

Below are some quotes from Canon this summer. Consider this a special appendices for my blog today. If you know anything about my sitcom lifestyle you can easily read between the lines and figure out what is really going on in my house. But just in case you can’t, I will explain each statement and what it *really* means.

Mom, did you know there’s an air freshner that can watch your kids for ya?(I’ve been watching too much TV and have confused a couple of commercials with reality)

Mom, let’s see how long my hair can get. (he has had no haircut at all this summer)

I can’t find pink lovey. Where is hers? (stall technique at bedtime)

I have no money mom! I want a job where you can watch TV all day and get paid for it. (sis got paid for helping out, isn’t watching TV a job that counts?)

I want hungry! (so hungry he forgot the word food)

Look what I can do! (see the next quote below)

That’s not carpet burn on my face. (see the quote above)
Hardy tardy life’s a party! (he learned his mantra well early in life!)


When Sadness Becomes Happy-ness

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Oh, this is going to be a smattering of stuff that you will either be fascinated with or not. It is actually going to be the uncensored thoughts of my brain RIGHT NOW. I might censor when I proof it but the general rule I have learned when it comes to developing a blog is to do it often, keep it short, and it doesn’t matter what the content is.

I absolutely love the 4th of July. There is always a good memory associated with it, whether it be sparklers and homemade ice cream in my grandparents backyard or the fireworks I saw last year in Warner Robins. We’re headed back there tomorrow, staying nearby at a great bed and breakfast resort and basically creating somewhat of a tradition. The concert and fireworks are free and my brother in law will be playing in the Air Force Band which means we’ll get good seats. yea Tim!

Yes, we were there exactly a year ago and I’ve spent the evening thinking about what’s the same and what’s different in a year’s time. The obvious difference is the fact that we might be seeing the recession fireworks show tomorrow night. Last year they spared no expense and I loved seeing all my tax dollars light up in the sky, it lasted FOREVER and I was just plain grateful to be standing on American soil, surrounded by the veterans and members of the Air Force witnessing it. Now, I’m not to sure what we’ll see tomorrow but something tells me that my tax dollars are busy paying for something else this year. We shall see.

We’ve got a new president. I’ve got a new doctor (joy!) and seem to be managing all my growing pains much better now. My children are growing WAY UP really FAST. Other relationships in my life are different too… some are deeper and more fulfilling than ever. Others of them make me sad because they are strangely different. I’ve learned lately that it’s okay to be sad because sometimes, well, it just is what it is. And sometimes really letting myself be sad about something is when real happy-ness begins.

There is much to be happy about today as I sit on my new love-and-respect seat in my newly painted room. I don’t have to go into great detail here. The one that knows of my happy-ness also knows the how, why, when and where of it all.

I love my life.

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