Circus, Circus

Posted by Shelley on Jan 29, 2010 in poetry

(originally written and posted on May 21st, 2006)

I’ve always thought I should’ve jumped that circus train
Taking me places
Where you get paid for flying by the seat of your pants
Like those trapeze artists do.
Or by simply being different
It becomes a line on a resume
And someone finds some value in your flaws.
How about courageously facing fear in its face, whether it be a lion, tiger or bear
And it becomes entertainment.
One ring,
Two rings,
Three rings,
Organization amidst the confusion.
Laughter, applause, amazement.
And somehow it all makes sense as you get to do it again and again!
Day after day, night after night, weeks become months, months become years…
A circus performer I might become yet.



Posted by Shelley on Jan 21, 2010 in Uncensored Shelley, poetry


not worry

about this

but instead

said a prayer

and knew

that it was answered.


Once Upon A Time (again)

Posted by Shelley on Jan 7, 2010 in Mental Illness, Uncensored Shelley

There were three bears.  Golden Bear, Rainbow Bear and Aqua Blue Bear.  They were very different bears.

Aqua Blue Bear was just happy to be there.  Or here.  Or wherever.  Being in the midst of things was a good place.  Neutral is good.  Being the mediator is a good thing!  Lucky Aqua Blue Bear!

Rainbow Bear was wondering, always wondering.  Or maybe it was wandering?  Rainbow Bear was not stable in any way, shape or form.  That’s a rough place to be!  But at the same time, being unsure and unstable can be a good thing.  Right?  There is always medication for that kind of thing.  Lucky Rainbow Bear!

And Golden Bear had it all figured out.  Lucky Golden Bear!  What a great place to be!  All knowing, all omniscient Golden Bear!   Law-abiding Golden Bear was judgmental and smart.  What could be better than that?  That was EXACTLY the place to be!

Rainbow Bear needed reassurance.  Aqua Blue Bear was all about encouragement and gave it freely.  Golden Bear had nothing to offer.  Except judgment and well, truth.  Thus, Golden Bear earned the name Truth Bear.   Rainbow Bear didn’t hear much from Golden Bear.  But Aqua Blue Bear was right there!  And Aqua Blue Bear didn’t even realize it!  Aqua Blue Bear was just happy to be there!

Rainbow Bear had been on both sides of the rainbow.  And earned the name, Grace Bear.  However, Rainbow Bear needed some judgment.  Some truth.  Otherwise, grace meant nothing.  Grace without Truth is not acceptable.  Instead of wandering (or wondering) Grace Bear needed both the other bears to figure things out.

Aqua Blue Bear decided to speak up.  Aqua Blue became bluer than the sky.  The name Clarity was given to Aqua Blue Bear.  Being bold and speaking freely was a good gift and Clarity Bear used it at the most appropriate time.

Truth Bear, Grace Bear and Clarity Bear made a good combination.  It is amazing but all of a sudden the three bears became one bear.  Truth combined with Grace gave Clarity.

This is just a story.  A short story.  NOTHING about this story is really “real.”.  At least the fact that this story is about bears.

But wouldn’t it be great if it were?  Real?  Real.  Really?  Really.

I mean, really.

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