A Dead Battery When You’ve Already Saved

Posted by Shelley on Feb 22, 2010 in Real Life Stories

So I’m at Publix today, trying to figure out if the www.southernsavers.com has any help to offer me in the way of saving $$$. A friend of mine asked me about this type of thing in December, she asked me to go try it and then “teach” a small group about it… that is, if it worked. Finally in February I had another friend turn me on to the website and give me the 5 minute “how to” lesson. I decided to try it. Today.

The premise is simple: typically we go the pantry, see what we are out of and proceed to make the list. When we do that we are at the mercy of whatever the store wants to price it b/c of the whole demand/supply thing or something like that. Anyway, long story short, when we do this we pay whatever the store wants us to and this website teaches you how to hack the coupon method and therefore, only pay the lowest price available during a 6 week couponing cycle. I think there is something to it b/c I have always thought EVERYTHING is negotiable. The thing is this way you are negotiating the lowest price with the help of a website that does much of the work for you, so you still pay the store the lowest price possible without haggling with the cashier at the checkout.

Really. Never pay full price. I’ve been known to do this at the Kiwanis Christmas tree sale. yeah, the $$$ was for a good cause but I didn’t pay full price. I talked him down $15 on a Christmas tree. Because EVERYTHING really is negotiable. It just depends on how much work you want to do on the front end. Doing the whole, “I read this in consumer digest and here are the best price points on this, or that or whatever…” takes time. Asking the manager “is that the BEST price you can give me???” takes time. And sometimes going to the store and demanding they still honor the warranty even when it’s 355 days later is time. It’s effort. It’s work. But $100 later it doesn’t feel too bad.

The irony is this. I went to the website, did my due diligence, thought to myself, “we are only going to spend $50 on groceries this week, let’s just see if this works…” and I left with a publix receipt that read, ” your savings at Publix, $40.51″. I paid $45.10. Mission accomplished.

When I got out the car, it wouldn’t start. Didn’t turn over. Needed a new battery.

I will spare you the details of how much “time + effort = work” I spent in just trying to make this ONE trip to Publix and testing the $$$ saving method. By the time I left I spent less than $50 and saved $50. Again….mission accomplished.

The problem was trying to leave the parking lot. I guess we got the car battery plenty cheap since the $$$ I saved went directly to purchasing it.

Welcome to my world my friends. I think my entire existence is the definition of “irony.” That’s not all bad, but really, I was trying to save $$$. You would’ve thought I could’ve bask in the whole “I saved $50″ for at least 24 hours. I think I got 24 seconds.

I’ll try this again in a few days.

Unless we run out of everything in the meantime. Or if it snows. Or if the entire economy collapses before I have a chance to try it out again and we begin looting and pillaging. And come to think of it, any of those things *could* happen. Sounds like a whiney song made popular by an even whinier singer in the 1990′s. Don’t cha think???


Here’s What I Think

Posted by Shelley on Feb 12, 2010 in Uncensored Shelley

At this VERY moment:

I think the weather forecast is a bunch of bull.

I think it’s absolutely hilarious to watch Elaine dance on Seinfeld. 

I also think it’s interesting that the minute I bring out my laptop Mike puts his away. 

I think I’m rather frustrated that my FB app crashed on my iPhone because I have nearly 4,000 pictures stored on it.  Guess I really do need to off-load those pics.

I think I’m way overdue to cut and color my hair since I saw a recent picture of myself.

I think it sucks that my vasculitis rash is back b/c I started dosing down my prednisone. 

And I think if you’re reading this post and it’s making you uncomfortable then you need to stop reading now.

I think I see my dad driving different cars in Birmingham.  I think I see him lots of times throughout the week, in different places and I realize that, well, that’s not him. 

I think I’m sadder than I’ve ever been.

I think that I want to go to community college since I began watching the show, “Community” on NBC.  Or is it ABC?  who cares, you can DVR and skip the commercials. 

I think that I’ve made some mistakes and I am not going to correct them.

I think that my daughter is the most incredible person in the whole wide world. 

I think it’s amazing what all has happened since October 2008.

I think that 2010 is going to be VERY different than 2009.

I think that skin cancer has really cramped my style here recently.

If you are wondering what I think about anything at this present moment then I hope you have the answer.  If not, feel free to comment and I will give you the low down on what I think. 

I think that paying someone to listen to your problems is well worth the money.

I think I will do everything differently from now on. 

I think it is fascinating that I lose a friend daily, if not weekly on FB.  If you’re not into this kind of uncensored stuff then I guess I see why you wouldn’t want to be my friend on facebook.  Whatever. 

I  think arranging flowers is more fun than painting.  It may be more expensive but as long as you’re paying for therapy who cares how much flowers cost. 

I think I may regret posting all of this by tomorrow morning.  If so, I might delete it.  However, I might keep it.  Because it’s the truth.  And maybe that’s why I posted it.


I have decided…

Posted by Shelley on Feb 10, 2010 in Uncensored Shelley

The shallow is much easier than the deep.


02 of 10

Posted by Shelley on Feb 7, 2010 in Real Life Stories

It’s been an exciting start to the month of February around the Shaw house! 

We began 02/1 0 with my melanoma removal at St. Vincent’s Outpatient Surgery Center on Monday.  That is not a fun way to start the week.  Now, 18 year old Shelley did not consider how 37 year old Shelley would feel about interrupting life and having a wide area incision across the right side of her abodomen when she was lying in the tanning bed, oh, nearly 20 years ago.  But I am so ready for this tape to be off, for my stitches to be out and for my stomach to stop looking like the meat section of the grocery store.  And I am going to have to have seriously de-tox because my system is all of whack with hydrocodone and various other narcotics not to mention bigger than ususal doses of steroids running through my body.  I just feel all jacked up.  Yuck. 

But it  hasn’t been all bad.  Molly went into heat so we arranged visits with Winston, the poodle, (aka Molly’s babies daddy), who is 13 years old and in possible need of doggie viagra.  Honestly, being doped up this week is probably the only way I could *truly* handle this.  Finally, on Winston’s 5th or 6th visist Canon says, “Look mom, Winston is dancing with Molly!”  And I’m like, “yeah, I guess you could call it that.”  He finally determines that Winston is on Molly’s back looking for the puppies.  Lortab anyone? 

I got my fix of Oprah, Judge Joe Brown and R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” hip-hopera.  That would be thanks to Mike, for dvr-ing the “most annoying but can’t look away from it” music video of all time.  We proceded to find Weird Al’s version, “Trapped in the Drive-Thru” and realized an entire hip-hopera had been written about us.  Oh and I was only taking ibuprofen so I can’t blame it on the pain meds. 

I got to sleep a little more except I will say lortabs make me feel like I’m tripping out w/r/t the dreams I was having.  I can’t remember enough of them to record them here but I do know the dreams were all too real.  So, I guess you could say I slept more but didn’t get much “rest”. 

Basically my brain has been in a little bit of overdrive.  Kind of like my dog. 

I did manage to cook, clean, oversee homework and attend a parent/teacher conference this week.  Kids probably didn’t see much difference in regular mom vs. medicated mom.  Poor Mike though.  Through sickness and in health.  He took me out tonight though.  We wound up at the Salvation Army.  He bought a lovely picture of an eagle, completely laquered on beveled wood.  NIB I might add.  Then, he bought me a piece of costume jewelry, only found at a thrift store.  It is a golden squirrel pin/brooch.  I can’t make this stuff up. 

And that my friends, is how we roll.  In the Crown Vic ’04.


project grow up

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The definition of  Project Grow Up:

“The ability to let that which does not matter truly slide.”



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(Lyrics By Dolly Parton)

When it’s family, you forgive them for they know not what they do
When it’s family, you accept them, ’cause you have no choice but to
When it’s family, they’re a mirror of the worst and best in you
And they always put you to the test
And you always try to do your best
And just pray for God to do the rest, when it’s family

Some are preachers, some are gay
Some are addicts, drunks and strays
But not a one is turned away, when it’s family
Some are lucky, others ain’t
Some are fighters, others faint
Winners, losers, sinners, saints, it’s all family

And when it’s family you trust them and your heart’s an open door
When it’s family, you tolerate what you’d kill others for
When it’s family, you love and hate and take, then give some more
Somehow you justify mistakes, try to find some better way
To solve the problems day to day, in the family

You take the trouble as it comes and love them more than anyone
Good or bad or indifferent, it’s still family
You choose your lovers, you pick your friends
Not the family that you’re in, nah
They’ll be with you ’til the end, ’cause it’s family

Let Me Be All That I Should Be to the Family

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