Shelley’s Day at the Masters

Posted by Shelley on Apr 8, 2010 in Real Life Stories

Originally written on April 10th of last year, here are my thoughts on spending a day at Augusta National. This was day one of the Masters Golf Tourney, 2009.

I never got around to posting it…well…for a lot of reasons…I brought Dad a Master’s golf shirt back from the trip.  It was a big deal for me to give it  to him.  I won’t ever forget that.  It was associated with a good memory of my Dad and those are few and far between.  Just a short 360 something days ago.

But here it is today. So glad I wrote these things down, too much has happened since last year to remember it all. The significance of a weblog strikes again.

The first thing I noticed was the wooden log bench at each hole, right where everyone would tee off. At every bench there was an igloo cooler. The bench was a lincoln log bench, like it was an original, made years ago. And it probably was. Next I noticed 2 pieces of wood about 8-10 feet away from where you would tee off. And they looked really old too.  The “tradition” of the Masters is a strong one, with no digital scoring – the leaderboard is WAY OLD FASHIONED, no advertisements anywhere to speak of and the fact that many people I was hanging out with that day were generational members of a golf mecca that most people only get to see on TV.

I realized then that I was looking at a moment in time that was in every way, trying not to change, year to year.

next was the quietness of a crowd

the beauty of the place

the tradition

the respect

the what the heck am I doing here?

the sounds of the planes above

the hospitality cottage

the restrooms, complete with travel toothbrushes (just in case)

the no phone/camera rule

the irony of us being at an event with a media/technical “blackout” on Mike’s birthday

and I ate a bunch of peanut m&m’s

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