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Today I saw a restored GTO, a “toy car” corvette, a black thunderbird convertible (top down) and a gray-haired man driving a black mercedes convertible (again, with the top down)!

I know my dad isn’t here, but today he almost was!


simply september

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Outside my window… it’s dark.  it’s nearly 11:00pm.  do you know where your children are?!?  I know where mine are!  ASLEEP!!!!!
I am thinking… how in the world I produced a child who made a 98 in advanced math on her progress report from school.  and she is upset about it!  that’s because she made 100 (or above) in everything else!!!
I am thankful for… so many things.  this time last year was so very bleak.  now there is light on the horizon.  there is more than light.  there is a hope and a resolve that wasn’t there before.  Thank you Jesus.
From the kitchen… we made chocolate chip cookies when the kids got home from school.  then we had a Shaw fiesta…. “I’m forever eating tacos, tacos that are on my plate…”
I am wearing… jammies.  I am ready for bed.  but I have been known to wear jammies, even when I’m not going to bed.
I am creating… yeah.  that too.  Creating???  I need to figure this one out.
I am going… to create something so I can accurately answer the question above.
I am reading… “Same Kind of Different As Me”.  If I could just write one book like that one.  Ok.  I think I will.
I am hoping… that Canon will go to school tomorrow, painlessly and without giving us a guilt trip.
I am hearing… this crazy movie called “Cloverfield” that Mike is watching off our DVR.  I think it’s like “The Hills” meets “ET”.  No, make that “The Hills” meets “Aliens.”  Yikes.
Around the house… is the nighttime quietness of children in their beds and mom and dad on the couch.
One of my favorite things… hearing Canon read!  He is a smart little guy and so inquisitive about everything right now.  He loves to learn, especially reading the children’s encyclopedia my grandmom gave him for his birthday this year.
A few plans for the rest of the week:  I am going to make some awesome plans for the rest of the month.  September 15-30 is going to rock!

here is a picture thought for me to share with you… I love my boy!  No doubt about it.  He was heaven sent.

shelley and canon at the lake, 9/12/10

shelley and canon at the lake, 9/12/10


Good Things About February

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sooooo, I haven’t blogged in so long I thought I would post one that I wrote a few months ago. In February.  February 26th, 2010 to be exact.  At 9:18 in the morning.  I will post it *as is*; I will not add, delete or change anything from that moment in time when I originally wrote it.

What is interesting about this post is seeing that number one and number seven are in every way, shape and form, more wonderful than we ever could have imagined back in February.  It also makes me laugh that number 5 is happening yet again, (this Friday) and number eight has become a necessity, much like my iPhone.  And oxygen.

As for the whole number twelve thing I would like to note that there are no spelling words in 6th grade.  At least not yet.  And if there are I think being in 6th grade means you get to call them out to yourself.

1) my sister Stacey told me a couple of weeks ago that she is expecting a baby! wow! God is good!
2) when I gave Canon his Valentine he said, “you made my heart super happy mom.”
3) Became better friends with those I need to become better friends with. You know who you are!
4) Won $54.00 or so at the Kenny Roger’s slot machine. This is not a bad thing. But does that really make it a “good” thing? Discuss amongst yourselves.
5) Finally got some blonde highlights back in my hair.
6) Facilitated Molly’s baby’s daddy making a visit (like 8 or 9 visits). Not sure if it worked or not but there’s nothing like having your dog right under your foot when this type of thing happens.
7) Helped mom make an offer on a house. It might not be “the one” b/c it’s not gone to contract yet but that is a huge step. HUGE.
8) Began setting the coffee maker for 6:30am. With coffee in it.
9) Realized more. Thought about it less.
10) And on that note, I began appreciating the freedom one experiences when you don’t care so much. I care, but just not as much as I used to.
11) due to an excessive amount of something I do not know what I will write here in the number 11 space.
12) and Melodi recognizes that at least spelling words are *something* she will use in the future. not to say that all that other 5th grade academia is not important. I’m sure it is. Like I use it so much everyday that I remember it on a regular basis. yeah. right.
13) February was good. All in all, it was good.
14) confirmed that most events you want to remember are the ones that you walked away from but were glad you have a picture in which to remember it.

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