Thirty Days of Thankful – Days 29 and 30

Posted by Shelley on Nov 30, 2010 in Mike, Real Life Stories, Uncensored Shelley, kids

Thankful for the mystery of the past and how it shaped the present.

Thankful for what the future holds.

Thankful for old friends and new ones.

Thankful for it all. Every last bit if it! And how God uses it all to become His great story!


Thirty Days of Thankful – Days 26, 27 and 28

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Before I delve into Christmas decorating I must decorate for the next official holiday.

The Southeastern Championship Football Game – THIS SATURDAY!

We are orange and blue around here. From the diplomas, to the Auburn Creed, to the paintings of Samford Hall and Toomer’s Corner – not to mention an amazing picture of the Flush, framed, signed by the artist and numbered, hung above our fireplace mantle…Mike bought my engagement ring on South College Street…in addition to my dad’s tuition towards his pharmacy degree from AU my parents paid 3 kids tuition to Auburn University…after December 6th we’ll go green and red. But until then, War Eagle ya’ll.

We’ve watched much football over the Thanksgiving holiday and I can say in all my 38 years I’ve never such. I’ve watched Auburn since I was an itty bitty girl and now, in the 21st century we are actually going to the SEC championship game. I say “we” because, it is, “we.” We’ll be there in just a few short days! Like, we have tickets. To the game. Can you tell I’m excited?!?

Auburn had the National Championship. In 1957. That, was like, in the last century.

So, this comes as a huge moment, as a life-long fan, as ONE woman who only applied to only ONE school for college (in 1989) and has ONE degree (1994) from that ONE school… well, it’s three days of thankful and I can tell you I’m thankful for much but I’m most definitely thankful for the celebration, fanfare and excitement that will be found at this ONE game.

I know…it’s football…but…I was born in Auburn/Opelika! It can’t be helped! It’s ridiculous I know. It’s an Auburn thing. It runs deep. It’s a connection to the past, the future and the present. It’s a big freakin’ deal and I’m thankful! Glory, glory to ole Auburn! A-U-B-U-R-N!!!


Thirty Days of Thankful – Day 25

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What a great Thanksgiving day! So grateful for all the (gluten free!!!!) food and all the thoughtful hands who prepared it. So blessed to enjoy family game time (Apples to Apples) and to have lots of laughter and joy (special thanks to the Bill Dance fishing bloopers DVD, a new family tradition maybe?!?!)

The memories I have of today will be tucked into a special place in my heart. My mind will remember today, just like it remembered Thanksgiving of days gone by when I woke up this morning. And with a spirit of thankfulness I’m still remembering those good thoughts as I go to bed tonight.


Thirty Days of Thankful – Day 24

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In no particular order: today I’m thankful for hair spray (some things will never change!), the Vince Guaraldi Trio (puts the Merry in Christmas to me!), and for friends who can just drop in anytime for a visit, even though they know I might be in the middle of CHAOS (aka – can’t have anyone over syndrome – HA!).

Here’s to a Happy Thanksgiving! Cheers!


Thirty Days of Thankful – Days 22 and 23

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Very thankful the antibiotic I got yesterday and the fact acute bronchitis is becoming a distant memory. Also very thankful for this handy-dandy iPhone device which seems to do it all, including keeping me on the right roads on a quick trip to Tuscaloosa. Thankful for the box fans we brought up from the basement since the funky hot, cold, muggy, weather has seemed to cause quite a heat wave in our house. But overall I’m grateful for today in so many, many ways. Thank you God for seeing to my every need today!


Thirty Days of Thankful – Day 21

Posted by Shelley on Nov 22, 2010 in kids

So thankful for an entire week of Thanksgiving holidays! I don’t remember ever having the whole week off but this year ’tis true…I will enjoy seeing our kids a little bit more this week, coming up with some things to do in the Alabama sunshine and just being grateful for every moment that I see their smiling faces :)


Thirty Days of Thankful – Days 19 and 20

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Thankful for my home, a place where the ones I love the most live, play and eat (sometimes they sleep).

When we moved here, right after 9/11 in 2001, I remember telling God this is another tool in my toolbox to do his work. I remember feeling almost guilty, so many had lost so much at that time and here I was with a 2 year old baby girl, a husband and a new home. For whatever reason He chose this for me, just like that awful event in America’s history, to become a part of his great story.

My new house was to be a place to be about his business, recognizing that this might be the only “church” some people might ever see. Thank you God, for giving me a culturally-relevant place to do your kingdom work.


Thirty Days of Thankful – Days 17 and 18

Posted by Shelley on Nov 18, 2010 in songs

“A legacy of life, a legacy of hope, the story of all the things that matter most…”

I am thankful for the legacy that has become part of God’s great story.


Thirty Days of Thankful – Day 16

Posted by Shelley on Nov 17, 2010 in kids

Thank you Lord, for the village it is taking to raise my children… this week in particular. You know who you are ;)


Thirty Days of Thankful – Day 15

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I am thankful today for eating lunch at school with Canon. I am thankful that when he saw me he gave me a huge smile and wanted me to hold his hand all the way to the lunchroom. I am most thankful that when he got in the car today he said, “thanks for coming to eat lunch with me today. I love you mom.”

Thank you God for my boy and for creating him to be part of your great story.

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