Around this time each year we get an abundance of magazines in the mailbox, many of which are just toys (just think the old Sears or JCPenney’s WishBook) and among the stack is the American Girl catalog. Evidently the recession has not been a problem for this company. This is by far the biggest compilation we’ve ever received and we’ve been receiving these for 12 years now. Which brings me to the point of this post.

Years ago, in my effort to master this motherhood thing, I found a way to entertain the kids during this insanely busy time of year. Giving them a marker and a Christmas catalog meant they were free to circle anything and everything their little hearts desired. And when the time came, we would write these circled items on the Santa list. You know, that letter that gets sent to the North Pole, usually on December 24th.

Back to the American Girl catalog. The big, beautiful spread of the most quality dolls and accessories available to anyone with a line of credit. So over-priced but so worth it because they actually LAST. I LOVE these toys. Could not WAIT until we would get our orders (usually on December 24th) so I could open them and play with them too. So fun setting these pretties out on Christmas Eve, to be discovered the next morning, as if by magic. Not to mention the many, many American Girl and Bitty Baby Christmas gifts over the years, that my mom would pick out for our “little girl”. The Just Like Me doll will forever be a miniature version of Melodi. Bitty Baby (who made a visit to the doll hospital and came back with an new head) is an heirloom. Felicity (retired btw) and Kaya will last into the next generation as will their clothes, the tea set, the horse, the tee pee… the list could go on. You can see where I’m going with this.

The American Girl catalog contains no circles this year. In fact, she has had her picture made with Santa for years now and I’m beginning to think we are going to have to create a bargaining tool for the pic this year.

Bitty Baby becomes an American Girl who circles everything in the catalog and then becomes the young lady who will be the successful woman who can buy things for her Bitty Baby. Yes. It’s a circle.

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  1. Karree says:

    Thanks for make me cry, dear friend. We too have had our times with the American Doll Collections. They truly are works of art, and do last forever. I don’t think our catalog will have any circles either. You and I can weep together for the circle.

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