No cream or sugar here!

thanks to Sherry over at Party of Five for this highly scientific test.

I am between delusions of Godhood and near death… and really, I do take it black. Very black.

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3 Responses to No cream or sugar here!

  1. Jon Acuff says:

    my wife and I went to school in bham. we both miss it

  2. Sherry says:

    Black? Really, you seem like such a vanilla latte kinda homegirl!! Haha! And, seriously, you name the time and place, girlfriend, cause were there is friendly friends and coffee, I am THERE! But since it has starbucks on the cup, it only seems fair to do it there…

  3. Shelley says:

    Sherry: yes, I’m not as frou-frou as you would think when it comes to coffee. I think it started in college when I realized I could save calories by drinking it black. Now it is usually more of a financial decision… (ha ha)… I like your idea of making your own fancy coffee drinks at home. Saves those $$ and who cares about calories anymore???!!!

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