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I just got back from my daughter’s school where I had the wonderful opportunity to share an April Fool’s joke. Yes, I am an opportunist and birthdays are no exception!

So, after getting strict directives from my little project manager I was then on the hunt for just what to do for the third grade. Cookies, cupcakes and donuts are the usual expression of motherly love at the local elementary schools. She asked for donuts, “you know, make some chocolate, some vanilla, Mom… b/c not everyone likes chocolate and someone might be allergic!”…. but everyone likes Chinese food right? Especially picky 8 and 9 year olds? Right? I kept these thoughts to myself.

I wound up at the Chinese takeout restaurant and that in itself was quite a feat. Buying 20 empty boxes along with 20 fortune cookies… the language barrier was tough. I just kept saying, “for the children at school” and eventually I overpaid for a bunch of empty Chinese food takeout containers.

Next was the BEST place for donut holes this side of the Mississippi…Shipley’s Donuts. I took in a container and said to the poor tired fellow behind the counter (I am sure he had been there since 4am), “I need enough donut holes to fill 20 of these. You know, for the children at school.” Language barrier? No. He just looked at me like I was crazy. I said, “Oh, it’s April Fools. For the third grade. Get it??” Again, no spark of fun here, he only said (while he was trying to do the math), “how many donut holes in a dozen?” I left with 10 dozen (yes, 120) donut holes.

The teacher played along beautifully. The children were at art while I set up… I hear her out in the hall instruct them all, “do not touch what is on your desk. use your manners! be polite!” Each child had a takeout box with 6 donut holes plus a fortune cookie; it looked very Chinese-y if I do say so myself… my daughter walked in… “MOM????”

Mrs. Birdwell: “We hear Melodi loves fried rice! Don’t you Melodi? How special for your birthday!”
Melodi: “Well…um…. yes, I guess I do…” (she is really holding it together at this point, in fact the whole class is trying to keep it together.)

After singing and getting her birthday licks, the teacher says, “Let’s let Melodi open her box first to make sure she got right one. Did you want shrimp fried rice or chicken?”

She starts to open the box. Silence… then… giggles… then laughing and then, RELIEF! It was then that I was so honored to say to my beautiful first born, “APRIL FOOLS!” Poor child. An April Fool’s birthday. The class roared! Everyone opened their fortunes and got to read them aloud. What a great time! What a precious child who was willing to go along with it all. She was all smiles. It just doesn’t get much better that this.

By the way, my husband did not proof read this blog today. I will address that with him later.

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3 Responses to Birthday Blogging

  1. shanan says:

    Oh Shelley, that is so funny. I love that you took the time, energy, and money to make such a great memory for Melodi. You are a hoot and a reminder that sometimes going the extra mile is worth it! Love it – thanks for sharing!

  2. Sherry says:

    Wow! you are awesome! Shame on you for not letting Mike proof! :)

  3. wendy says:

    How fun! Your daughter must have a great sense of humor…it just has to go along with being an April Fools baby. Thanks for sharing.

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