Great Example of the Social Innoculation Theory

OK! Magazine

 There are so many things not OK with this.

I was watching the morning news and learned this would be on the newstands today.  This prepared me, but not really.  One quick errand to the grocery store with my 9 year old reminded me that no matter how OK this picture on the OK magazine appears to be it’s not OK.  But thank you Jamie Lynn for throwing this “out there” for me to discuss before the spend the night party tonight.  I mean, this is my daughter’s age group, the Zoey 101 fan club.  And it has been discussed… on their level and on mine… which means, it will get discussed tonight.  I know, I was 9 years old once.

 Melodi:  It’s kind of like puppies mating isn’t it, Mom?

Mom (which is me):  Well, yes, but puppies don’t have babies before they finish highschool.  Puppies don’t have babies before they get married!

Melodi:  So she won’t go to college?

Mom (still me):  No… she needs to go to college… she needs to finish highschool… she needs to be married!

Melodi:  Her sister didn’t get it right either did she mom?

Mom (trying to keep it together):  Well, she actually finished highschool and got married and had two babies…

Melodi:  But she didn’t take care of them.

Mom:  (please, this conversation must be coming to an end!)  right.

Melodi:  It’s like their family is the worst case scenario.  I’ve heard you say that before.

Right now I am just glad that my opinion of what the worst case scenario is matters to her.  I do hope to keep up the influence on my daughter since Hollywood seems to be glamourizing Jamie Lynn’s teen motherhood.  Do you agree?  Am I crazy or over-sensitive?  Talk about the social innoculation theory.  Don’t get me started!  This magazine did a textbook job of it.



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3 Responses to Great Example of the Social Innoculation Theory

  1. tina marie says:

    oh yes, teenage pregnancy has become trendy. Next thing you know teenagers will be making a pact to see how many can…oh wait…that’s already been done.

    For now, revel in the fact that Melodi is still talking to you. When do girls quit talking to their mothers, anyway?

  2. sherry says:

    Girl, I am not even going to begin the rant that is building within me! I am SO mad at my baby girls’ purity that is on the line. Okay, I am not gonna start, but I feel you. And I going to ignore the previous comment that one day they might stop talking to me.

    **think fingers in ears:lalalalalallalalalalalalallalalalalala**

  3. Tim says:

    I am really just replying to tell you that was my blog you found. And just so I don’t submit an otherwise random post, I don’t think you are crazy or oversensitive.

    Puppies mating! That’s just funny… and sad.

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