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So we’ve hit the point in the summer where I’ve enrolled the kids in just about any camp I can afford.  Which means we are in the car quite a bit driving to and fro.  I am an avid radio surfer so we get our fill of Rick and Bubba, country, praise and worship music and of course, classic rock.

I’ve been hearing an advertisement for the Family Fun Pack you can win by being the 10th caller on Birmingham’s latest classic rock station.  The thing is, I can’t quite get past this being a family event.

Over the weekend my daughter picked up on it too.  If you look up “perceptive” in the dictionary her picture is right beside the word.  Basically, we live in an avid Guitar Hero house.  In fact, she is working on going from medium difficulty to hard.  And she is acing it!  Problem is, Daddy has currently banned the Poison song, “Talk Dirty to Me” from being played on the game, therefore she can’t get to the next level.  All the songs must be “mastered” before you move on… she officially has this on her agenda now.  And he officially has said, “you can listen to that song when you get married.”

What do we hear on the radio as our family of four moves along the interstate to church?  The banned song along with the words, “Win a Family Fun Pack, be the tenth caller!”  And she exclaims, “HOW can you win tickets for your family?”  Again, she is putting together her case very effectively.  “You mean the WHOLE FAMILY can go?  but isn’t that the song Daddy won’t let me do on Guitar Hero?”

I start laughing as Mike suggests along with a koozie for your beer you also get a sippy cup with Poison’s logo and a stripper pole for mom in the Family Fun Pack.  Honestly, what about Brett Michael’s suggest FAMILY?  Fun… yes, if you count 25 skanky women throwing up on your TV show fun.  Family?  Well, I just realized that I just described fun for some families.

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  1. tina marie says:

    Sippy cup with Poison’s logo!!!!! HAHAHA!!
    We actually had a classic rock station here that I quit listening to because they would tell viewers to check out the “new hot chicks in thongs” on their website. they would then proceed to describe the women and talk about how hot they were.

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