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Over the last hour I have stumbled across three stories that have put me in an official BAD MOOD.

First of all, I have had trouble with my iphone too.  But to go to this extreme, well, it’s just extreme. Who has time or energy to sue Apple?  Maybe I’m just jealous she thought of it first.  She’s from right here in Birmingham and I bet if she spends any time in Homewood she probably has NO RELIABLE SERVICE b/c well, there is NO SERVICE in that part of town.  Or at the Kirkland Clinic.  Or on Rocky Ridge Road.  Or on Columbia Road.  Or in the mall.  Or in my house for that matter.  The point is, it has crappy service but I’ve just decided to live with it because it is a nifty gadget.  What it doesn’t have in service it makes up for in coolness.  And it’s a WAY CHEAPER plan than my frankenstein phone I lugged around from Verizon for two years.  Lately I’ve just had too much other stuff to worry about but that’s another post.

Secondly, I’ve been saying for two weeks now that those Chinese gymnasts are young’uns.  I’ve agreed with Bella the whole time.  Those Chinese folks.  The Olympics won’t be remembered for the grandeur of the (fake) opening ceremonies or their amount of (unjustified) gold medals but they will be remembered for the IOC investigation.  Kudos to the computer security guru (not the one I live with but the guy who writes this blog) whose determination uncovered the right data to bring this to light.

Now this.  This is just about too much.  This hits close to home for lots of reasons but the obvious one is I am married to a Christian singer/songwriter.  Please take a moment to read this and PRAY for this preacher/singer/songwriter. Is it marketing?  The all-mighty dollar?  Is he crazy?  Demon-possessed?  Or again, am I just mad that I got conned, along with an entire movement of people that came to appreciate his song in praise and worship and believe his story?  This one just makes me so mad I can’t even go on about it.  Lying about being sick and profiting from it is just about more than I can take.

Finally, I’ll add a bonus to this wonderful night to be surfing the internet.  Now Hallmark is just like the Auburn Gay and Lesbian Association who hung signs around campus stating, “Wear Jeans if you Support the AGLA.”  I went home and changed clothes that day because guess what… everyone was wearing jeans!  I guess I am going to have to find another place to shop if I care enough to send the very best.

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