Life’s A Beach

At this point in my life I have been to the beach as a follower far more times than I have been the leader on the way to the beach. I mean, your parents, youth group, high school band trip, etc. allowed the possibility of going to the beach and you simply… followed. Yes, I had to be responsible, to a degree. But not the amount of taxing responsibility that makes you think, I need a vacation from this vacation. Does anybody know what I’m talking about???

Melodi wavered on happiness most of the time, except the excruciating pain she endured being in the car, telling us how did we survive without a gameboy on trips like these. We told her it was easy, that our parents simply allowed us to run beside the car (ha ha). Canon wavered on kamikaze toddler antitics like locking himself in the bathroom and falling into the pool. We can’t figure out when he actually fell in, considering we were both within 2 inches of him, how did we let that happen? At least he didn’t wind up in the alligator pit at Fudpucker’s. How did I become one of the two people responsible for making sure two other human beings would stay ALIVE and HAPPY at the beach??? Especially when the toddler decided he HATED the beach but was brave enough to fall face first in the pool?

I came home to Birmingham and thanked my parents for the trips they took me on and basically just stood in awe at the fact that we are all still alive and happy. They had three girls to deal with, some trips that number doubled as we brought along friends. Oh my goodness, I can’t even think about being responsible for other people’s kids happiness and well being at the beach. YIKES!

Well, there you have it, yes Life is a Beach. Sometimes it is serene, almost too quiet and other times, well, Hurricane Katrina makes a dent in a childhood memory. I am finding solace in the fact that one day both Melodi and Canon will lead the way to the beach. And Mike and I will retire to the beach. And maybe they will come see us at the beach. The beach will always be there, a rite of passage of some sort. Moving us from followers to leaders… participants to benefactors… children to parents.

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