Even Superheroes Love their Moms

After school today I had a surprise for my little man.  Aunt Stacey gave us a great book, Even FireFighters Love their Moms and we read it often.  Once he was dressed in his Halloween costume he said (through the mask), “Even superheroes love their moms!”

But the best thing he said (and he said alot while he had that costume on, somehow he gained much confidence while wearing it) was this, “You know superheroes are strong… like this many (he held up 5 fingers), but God is stronger, he is like this many (both hands went up, all 10 fingers).”  Wow, what a great reminder… from the mouth of babes, I mean little boys.  Am I a blessed mom or what?

I think Canon might be going as a charismatic Spiderman on Halloween!

Nobody knows who he is!

Nobody knows who he is!

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