Growing Up Sassy

So, Melodi came into the world knowing how to talk. She very soon learned the art of imaginary friends, to be honest, she couldn’t have been more than two and a half when Sassy came on the scene. In fact, our precocious child named her imaginary cat friend Sassy… Sassy was the one who always seemed to be in trouble. She did lots of things and mysteriously disappeared, leaving only Melodi to answer to Mom or Dad about what might have happened. We have laughed about Sassy for a long time now but she’s still an active member of our household. Now she is held in high esteem as Melodi tells tall “tails” about where Sassy might have been, what she’s been doing, how famous she is becoming. Seems like she’s not the scapegoat she used to be (we have a brother to do that job now) but rather Sassy is living the life all little girls (and big girls) dream about. She is fun and never out of fashion and can do the most amazing things!

We recently had to come to grips with the death of our family cat and somehow Sassy came up in the conversation. We commented on the fact that Sassy is still with us and always would be… I mean, imaginary cats don’t die right? Leave it to the precocious one to point out the obvious, “Well, Mom, you know the older I get the more Sassy does go away.” I wonder if Sassy heard my heart break in her imaginary world.

Tonight Melodi Jayne Shaw proudly danced on the stage in the BJCC Concert Hall. She was at her recital dress rehearsal and decided the best part was being backstage. I’ve cried about alot of big (and little) steps this wonderful child has taken and tonight was no exception. There she was way up there and there I was in that big auditorium wondering where Sassy the cat was. Instead, I saw a young girl who was fun, never out of fashion and doing the most amazing things. It was Sassy dressed like Melodi. Or maybe it was Melodi dressed like Sassy.

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