This is Not My Desk

This is not my real desk. If this were my real desk the keys would not be on it. They most definitely would be lost. But we will leave them there as a hopeful incentive that I can start keeping up with my keys. On the other hand, I ALWAYS know where my iPhone is located! So, this desk is partly accurate. A few more tweaks and it will reflect me. The real me!

For example, take the coin that is pictured here and it becomes a Chuck E. Cheese token. That cup of tea is really a cup of strong black coffee. And there are pictures of my family all around. Replace the pen with a crayon. Now it starts to look more like “my desk.” Except with a lot more sticky notes!

Lately, people have come back into my life who helped me remember who I was. Not that I’ve ever forgotten but you know, life gets busy and you forget stuff. Like crazy dancing at spend the night parties to Devo and playing imaginary games with imaginary people that become so real that you could hear them talk to you. Fun memories, sad times, the good, the bad and the toxic shocks that make up this thing called life. My childhood, high school and college memories are really the things that shaped my life and got me where I am today! A happy mom of two precious children who is very much in love with her husband and recognizes the only way to get from here to there is through an abundance of grace.

To complete the look of transforming this desk to my desk, some index cards with bible verses written on them will have to take up some room too. Because the kind of grace I’m talking about is heavenly grace. And you’ll continue to hear more about my thoughts on grace, forgiveness, freedom and such if you decide to follow this new and improved blog ‘o mine.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I will get back to blogging later. I am going to try to find something important that should be on my desk but I can’t remember where I put it.

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One Response to This is Not My Desk

  1. Shannon Johnson says:

    She’s back……and I so love it! Blog away girl….I love your thoughts!

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