Permanent Vacation

When I was a little girl I’m not sure that the manicurist business was as “necessary” as it is today. I mean, have you ever seen such elaborate decorations on human hands (or toes?) It’s a major accessory. And really more affordable than ever. About 15 years ago I would say that first set of acrylics was more expensive (and PAINFUL!) than it is today. Yes, I know from personal experience. While away at college I just knew I needed a set of long, clean nails for some upcoming interview… taking a rather large portion of the small stipend I received from home and then several applications of neosporin later I found out what it meant when someone said beauty is not painless (both to your wallet and body). Thank goodness more folks out there got pretty good at making a living this way because I managed to get my guts up again later (much later, like after getting a real job and house later) and do it all over again. A little less money and neosporin that time. And I kept it going. Til I had that precious newborn baby and those lovely nails began to look like claws. Some kind of new mother instinct took over and I got rid of the nails. Or maybe it was the lack of money that came with the new job title… stay at home mom.

Anyway, here’s the deal. Now, if you see my fingernails painted it is because I’ve been on vacation. That’s when I put my hands in water only when I want to and stay the heck away from clorox because nothing kills a manicure faster than housework. And when on vacation I do not do housework. Especially if I am kid-less while vacationing. Last week I managed to be several states away with nothing but a couple of bags, a rental car and my husband. And you guessed it, I got a manicure. But you know, nothing lasts forever. The rental car went back, the luggage came home FULL of dirty clothes and yes, my return was greeted by the same messy house I left just a few days before. Now, the manicure looks a little rougher. In fact, another couple of days and I’m sporting a borderline redneck manicure. You know the one I’m talking about, when you see more natural nail than polish.

I think I am currently under the impression that as long as there is polish on my nails I am still on vacation. Please comment and back me up on this one as my family may begin sticking to the kitchen floor and I will need to explain myself.

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