I’m talking about being free from pretense or deceit. Open. Frank. Candid. That’s what transparency means to me.

When you read this blog, you will get nothing less than the transparent thoughts of my mind. Isn’t that just exciting?!? For those of you who really know me you might be on the verge of hyperventilating. No, I am not talking about the soap box, let me tell what what I really think transparency. That, my friend, is best experienced from me in person. But I will allow you to get a look into my life that is open, frank and candid. That is without pretense or deceit. The real deal so to speak.

In an effort to display this kind of transparency, I’m going to tell you that I mopped my kitchen floor for the first time in 2009 just yesterday. There. You have it. The truth! I am not particularly proud of this but I think it demonstrates exactly what kind of transparency you’ll be hearing from me if you continue to keep up with this blog.

What’s even funnier is the reason why I decided to mop on the 24th day of February, nearly 8 weeks into the new year. Last week Canon asked me what a mop was. Oh my goodness, I thought, this child has never seen me mop! Then I thought, when was the last time I mopped a floor? I couldn’t remember. Oh, keep reading, it just gets better!

Yesterday I picked him from preschool and told him we were going to buy a mop. We looked at them together, me explaining (since I am the homemaker diva) the difference b/t this mop and that mop. Yes, this is what me and the 4 year old did for about 30 minutes yesterday. And do you know what I did after that? I talked myself into swiffering! So, you see, I will mop as long as it’s not called mopping. That is just plain sad folks. But there you have it! Transparency. No pretense. No faking it. Just the real deal.

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4 Responses to Transparency

  1. Jennifer G. says:

    Love it Shelley!! I feel you can only become friends with someone when they begin to open up and are willing to be transparent with you. People being open and real are one of my favorite characteristics in a person!

  2. Shelley says:

    Jennifer, right you are! It is my hope to encourage transparency in others, not to find fault or issues in other people, but simply to speak some life into someone. I have found that if you are one person in this group of friends, and a different person in that group of friends that life gets harder. I know you agree with me, that you can’t just be a different person all the time! To become comfortable with who you are and with what God made you to be is one of the best blessings in a Christian’s life. I want others to know that truth too!

  3. Hey, if we’re gonna talk mops and honesty I’m happy to make you feel better…I’ve lived in my house four and a half years and NEVER mopped the kitchen. I HATE mopping. I hate it so much that I’ll beg, plead, bargain and otherwise bribe my husband to do that task for me. He must love me or something because he does…

  4. Shelley says:

    Minde, it’s all good. Bribes, bargaining and other favors are all grounds for sharing the mopping experience!

    And if both of you, Minde and Jennifer, are still my friends and aren’t completely appalled by my lack of domestic skills then I think you both are the bomb!

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