Yes, I’m Their Mother

Today is really not chaotic. However, I did not have my chance to blog until now. So, my blogging attempt is becoming chaotic because my children are so darn entertaining. Any real deep thoughts will be written later. Now, you dear reader, have the chance to become entertained by my children as well!

Canon’s class is having a wedding tomorrow for Wanda and Willie Walrus. They will eat wedding cookies and worms. It is W week (obviously) He just told me, “I get to marry Jolie! and I will have two lifes!”

I asked him what that meant and he held up 2 fingers, and said, “I will have 2 lifes, Emily and Jolie, b/c there wasn’t enough boys.” Life? Wife? What’s the difference? One or two? Again, I bet most men would say, what’s the difference?

Next up was Melodi. She wanted the laptop and I said no. I was still in some dream-like state that I thought I could squeeze in some deep thinking/blogging with the kids and the dog at my ankles. She looked at me and said, “Well, mom, can you type for me on my blog? I will tell you what I want to say…”. Honestly, I don’t make this stuff up. She wanted to blog, but she wanted me to type it. It was like dictation. All of a sudden I felt like a secretary. My daughter’s secretary.

I decided to do it because by typing her blog I had some decent material to go along with Canon’s life/wife story. I thought about cutting and pasting what she said, and I typed, onto to my blog. But, I do believe you will get much more entertainment value after visiting her site yourself. Please note she is very incentive based and much of her blogging are attempts at getting rewards. Did I tell you I was her mother?

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