Random Saturday Morning Thoughts

These thoughts are from my life this past week. I am going to do this as fast as possible. Ready, set, GO!!!!

1) I saw Slumdog Millionaire last night. It was so original, definitely the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. The way the writers took the events of this guy’s life and began weaving a golden thread through it so it all connected, (even the bad stuff) was just downright clever.

2) I read recently that someone with autoimmune problems had not only cut out wheat, but also ANY grains, including corn, etc. She said she felt great and had gotten her problems all under control. I was explaining this to my mom and Canon overheard her. It might just be my next step in trying to get off all this medication!!!

3) So, Canon wants to grow up and re-open all the Food World grocery stores that have shut down around here. Not sure where he came up with this idea but he’s all about it. Having heard my conversation with mom about no/wheat/gluten/grains he said, “Mom, I am going to open Food World and have no wheat in it. Only fruits and vegetables all the way to the top.” I think that might be the sweetest thing he’s ever said to me.

4) Competition is the one thing I’ve seen that makes us step up. A healthy dose of competition forces us to make an honest effort.

5) I’m probably more excited about being out for spring break than the kids are (no HW!!!!!!!!!)!

6) Your real personality, intentions and motivations really do come out on the internet.

7) Blogging is done for two reasons: the first, an audience. the second, yourself. I do it for the second reason. Which means I overanalyze everything I put on here and act like an editor more than a writer. I think the reason why goes back to number 6.

8) Every now and then it is so worth it to have a birthday party for a doll. We have eaten off of pink plates all week in honor of Barbie.

In addition to all this random stuff, I think I am trying to see exactly just how dirty my car can become before I ever wash it again. That goes for the inside and out! It has been my observation that both the car and the house can not and will not be clean at the same time. It is virtually impossible. Maybe this means my house will become a spotless oasis!

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