First Real Paycheck

I just found the stub to my first real paycheck from 1994. You know, the one you get after you graduate from college and are off of mom and dad’s payroll. Of course, I am certain there were still some things mom and dad covered. Like, I lived with them for a about year until I got married. Thank goodness. Because after it netted down from the $833.33 gross pay I got $601.86 every two weeks. It was not that much, especially after I am totally honest with you about this. Believe me, I’m laughing all the way through this post.

Around $1,200 a month… I imagine mom and dad felt great deal of relief when they realized I was officially paying for “something”! Are you ready? Here is what my somethings were:

( I would so give anything for this not to be the case but it is written in a ledger book from 1994, so I know it’s real)
that would be the credit cards, oh me, oh my.

Next are things that don’t me feel quite like I blew everything on whatever I bought at those department stores:
Cel Phone (yes, mom and dad immediately gave me that bill!)
Gold’s Gym (I go to church now in the same building that used to be this gym, WEIRD!!!)
Gas (wish I knew what it was going for back in 1994)
Dry Cleaning (sales job necessity)

Now this next catergory is priceless. It is called “specialty stuff.” Again, I so wish I were kidding but here it is in black and white. I never used red b/c to be honest, I didn’t understand what being in the red was until here recently.
Deanna’s Wedding
Michelle’s Wedding
My wedding: video and pictures
Stamps (to pay all those bills I am sure)
Furniture (what????)
Road Trips
AU Football
Home Decor (what home, I was living with mom and dad??)
Makeup/Clothes (what was I buying at Parisian?)
Car maintenance (a long story, but at least mom and dad covered my insurance til I got hitched)

this gets better, my cat had her VERY OWN CATEGORY!
friend (have not a clue what this meant)

okay, in an effort to project myself into the future I think I added this for some food for thought:

And just a side note: when Mike and I got married (14 years ago this week) we got so many duplicates of gifts, like china, crystal, etc. that I had over $800 worth of returns at Rich’s. They just credited it to my card to pay it off. Seriously.

So much of the messes I have gotten myself into make complete sense now!

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