Her Birthday

It was a good one, she was truly very happy all day today and isn’t that just the best? Everything, from the candle in her fresh baked cinnamon sugar muffin this morning to the April Fool’s fun at school. She didn’t want to fall for my prank: a banged up foot from a fall in the parking lot, with ice and crutches, the whole deal. Here’s what she told me, “mom, you know I’m a professional. I’ve been doing this April Fool’s stuff for 10 years now…” Not to mention more fun at dinner, fun with the cake, super-fun with presents… it was a special day and I’m sure we’ll always remember it.

One of the gifts I gave her today was one her Dad bought on the day she was born. “Wow, mom, it’s like a re-used gift!” A cute little beanie baby from the gift shop at St. Vincents had been put away for the past few years. She saw the exact one online and asked for it for her birthday. How about that? Receiving something a long time ago is actually something that you want again. Interesting to think about.

I didn’t get sad til I put her to bed. She told me about some silly stuff a boy was saying to her at school. I said, “you know he’s just doing that to impress you…” She rolled her eyes and I said, “it doesn’t work does it?” and she said, “no, it doesn’t work.” Like I said, I’m going to make darn sure she learns from some of my mistakes!

Tucking her in, giving her a kiss and then hugging her got me. I said, “Can I just stay here a little bit longer?” She agreed. My face was in her hair and I thought, here we are. How happy she has made me, how she has challenged me and how much she’s allowed me to grow and learn what the heck I’m doing right in front of eyes. And then I felt the tears come that don’t fall. And while I was sad, because every mom knows what it’s like to remember a new life in your arms, I just knew I was blessed. Immensely.

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  1. Shannon johnson says:

    Girl, that made me cry good mama tears. I loved it. Thank you for sharing that precious moment!!!! Sweet, sweet girl!!

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