My Refrigerator Door

I believe you can tell a lot about a person by what is on their refrigerator door. Don’t worry, I won’t be trying to over-analyze you and your family the next time I am at your house. I’ll do it when it get home, after I’ve studied your fridge door.

Here’s what is on ‘my’ door. Of course, it is the family’s fridge. But sometimes I feel like it’s my big lovable friend in the kitchen. Because I am usually the one to clean it, fill it and empty it from time to time. But that is another post.

MAGNETS. I collect them as souvenirs wherever I go and here are a few:
Twelfth hole at Augusta National
Pensacola Museum of Aviation (we visit the aviation museums wherever we go)
Cheaha State Park
USS Alabama
Chattanooga Choo-Choo
Wakulla Springs, Florida (it’s a deer, I bought it for myself)
Ober Gatlinburg (it’s a squirrel, I bought it for Mike)

Fort Valley, GA (this is where they make the BlueBird school buses, so it’s a yellow school bus)

Then we have random ones like:
The Honey Do List (currently nothing is on it)
A rainbow Canon made with Genisis 9:13 on it (the rainbow promise)
A big, huge “Sassy” maginet (for Melodi aka Sassy the Cat)
A very small calendar from our realtor (it still says March 09 on it)
A magnet frame from Success Rice (yes, in the red box at the grocery store) that says, “Picture of Success” at the top and my sister Kelsey’s picture is in it
Mickey Mouse

We also have those clippy magnets that hold artwork, school announcements, etc. Currently we have two holding:
a picture of me and Mike at Chuck E. Cheese’s photobooth (2007)
and another of me and Canon in the same booth (2009)

Plus a magnet picture of Canon’s 4k Thanksgiving play, we have one of these for every play they do at school. I usually have to rotate them out.

This is only the front doors, I haven’t even gotten to the sides. If I had to sum up the rest of the Shaw refrigerator door it would be something like this:

Weeki Watchee Spings, FL, a picture of Melodi in a stockade (colonial days at school), a measuring cup with measuring equivalents, a weekly meal planner (I don’t think I’ve ever used it), and a picture of me when I was 3 or 4 years old at Halloween dressed like an Indian. There are more, but I think that gives you enough to psycho-analyze our household.

Oops, I almost forgot my two favorite ones. They each have a saying on them that I try to live by:
I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.
Both of us can’t look good at the same time. It’s either me or the house.

So, don’t spend money on a therapist. Ask me to come over and give you the lowdown on what you’ve got going on. And would somebody please comment and tell me what I’ve got going on in this crazy head of mine?!? Thanks!

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  1. Shannon Johnson says:

    Hmmmm…where to start??????? I’ll take a stab at it! Souvenier mags show you love trips with your family, kid artwork states you are the supportive mom and love your babies, Matching Chuck E Cheese pics – nostalgic, You in the stockades…suppressed something I am sure (LOL) and then….the last two…the insanity and looking good magnet….that’s the reason I like you. I get it! :) HA! Fun post Shelley…love you girl!

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