USS Shaw

We had our last hurrah for the summer, a trip to the beach before meeting the new second grade teacher tomorrow. And yes, we are the kind of parents that drag our children to historical monuments and museums and our journey today led us to the USS Alabama in Mobile Bay. We’ve seen it before, as many of us born in bred in this great state have, but this was Melodi’s first trip. Mike made sure we went everywhere on that ship, I’m telling you it is BIG. We walked and climbed, sweated and toiled our way through that amazing battleship. I managed to kept my comments to a minimum, thinking about life during WWII. However, our Melodi gave a running commentary as usual… “can we leave now?” “how many guns are on this ship?” and of course, “were there any women on board?”

I managed to finish one of my summer reading projects on this trip, A Wife After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George. If you are at a loss as to how to even begin to understand God’s plan for you as a married woman I highly recommend this book (if you are unmarried, the book, A Woman After God’s Own Heart by the same author can truly change your life)… So, my post you are about to read is the culmination of finishing this book, touring the USS Alabama or a combination of both. Did that make sense?

I walked through that big boat and realized the answer one of Melodi’s questions was, “no, there probably weren’t many women on this boat.” At least not ones that worked and fought the good fight while this ship was on active duty. But you know, they managed to survive without us women. They had a kitchen, a major laundry situation, and I know they had their share of motion sickness to clean up after. They ran a tight ship with at least 2500 enlisted men during active duty. And instead of it ending up on the bottom of the ocean I walked thru it today, marveling at the fact that the men took care of this thing. Every job, every joy, every tribulation was of mere men.

After realizing what Elizabeth George was trying to communicate to me and what I observed on this ship I realized I am more than equipped to do my job at home. It is exhausting, the aggravation I feel at times is more than overwhelming. But if 2500 men could keep tons of steel clean, functioning as a home off the bottom of the ocean floor certainly I can keep my house in order. I only have three people to cook for, buy for, clean up after and care for… they are my gifts from God, my first priority every day. As Elizabeth states in her book, God first, Mike second and my children third. Careers, friendships, volunteering and acts of service are to come after these first all important three. I honestly believe God honors women who can learn His priorities, practice them and teach them to others. This will help me run a tight ship.

I have to tell you that the laundry area on the battleship was exceptionally technologically advanced for the time period, stating that cleanliness and order in this department helped keep infection and disease to a minimum… not to mention there was a “brig” where folks wound up when they were out of order (yes, it was a jail and did not look like much fun). So, with a new laundry room and naughty steps (or chairs) it would seem that Admiral Shaw is ready to set sail into the new school year. This ship is setting sail and with supernatural strength will stay off the ocean floor.

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