Mid Summer Report

We’ve been busy. We’ve been lots of places and done lots of things. When we aren’t on the go, we’re eating, watching TV, having friends over, or playing our gameboys. Sleep is in there somewhere. More so for sister than brother. She doesn’t get up before 10am if she can help it (brother is up by 7am most days – oh, joy!). Speaking of sister, she’s getting paid this summer to do some chores, babysit her brother and teach her Nana computer lessons.

Survival techniques for mom include three musketeers bars and energy drinks.

Below are some quotes from Canon this summer. Consider this a special appendices for my blog today. If you know anything about my sitcom lifestyle you can easily read between the lines and figure out what is really going on in my house. But just in case you can’t, I will explain each statement and what it *really* means.

Mom, did you know there’s an air freshner that can watch your kids for ya?(I’ve been watching too much TV and have confused a couple of commercials with reality)

Mom, let’s see how long my hair can get. (he has had no haircut at all this summer)

I can’t find pink lovey. Where is hers? (stall technique at bedtime)

I have no money mom! I want a job where you can watch TV all day and get paid for it. (sis got paid for helping out, isn’t watching TV a job that counts?)

I want hungry! (so hungry he forgot the word food)

Look what I can do! (see the next quote below)

That’s not carpet burn on my face. (see the quote above)
Hardy tardy life’s a party! (he learned his mantra well early in life!)

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