January 29, 1989

This doesn’t happen often and I’m almost paralyzed in my amazement but also prompted to write about His lovingkindness that knows no end.

I was studying 1 Corinthians 12:4 on this particular day; I marked my Bible everywhere back then and dated it nearly everytime I was in it. I am so grateful to know as my life seemed in shambles early on that year that somehow someway I was in His Word. Trying to pay attention. Among my broken heart and various other 16 year old problems there I was, in the Bible, giving it some kind of shot.

I’m in the same skin I was in 17 years ago. It’s older, there seems to be more of it. But somehow the Lord decided to remind me I’ve always wanted to get in His Word, know Him and give some effort. As I ran across this dated point of reference in the Bible of my girlhood it’s like He is reassuring me in some way that I came through whatever was going on then just like He is getting me through it now. The reason this is significant is because in January of this year on the 29th day I found myself turning to 1 Corinthians 12:4.

There are lots of Bibles in my house. I chose to look through this one earlier this year on that particular day. It is basically a love letter to myself I began writing in 1981 after I received the bible from loving granparents. He brought me to January 29, 2006, guided my steps, watched the calendar and made the appointment. It moved me so much I wrote what you are reading now and put it close by so I could reminded of the lovingkindness my God is demonstrating to me, beyond anything a human can do.

I wish I knew exactly what was up that day I wrote in my bible but that might be living a little but too much in the past! The most important thing here is to see if He arranged all of this 17 years ago what kind of sweet and mighty thing might he be arranging 17 years from today?

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