I Want My MTV

So it is a quiet Wednesday night and I have nothing to do. Actually, I have a million things to do but I am chosing not to do them. And what do we red-blooded Americans do when we make this choice? WATCH TV! I have the remote, no one is saying “mom” every five seconds and there is an empty couch beckoning me to forget about laundry, packing backpacks for the morning or paying bills. There is TV to watch! Now, mind you this happens rarely. Thus, I have no idea what I am watching nor what channel anything is on. I see that there is a two year old child missing and a break in the case on Fox News… that’s enough to keep me up half the night so I don’t watch that. Celebrity Fit Club, Trick My Truck on CMT and the Ted Turner interview on CNN didn’t hold my attention. But wait! It’s Wednesday! Everyone I know is either ti-voing (is that a word?) or watching Two A Days. The brainchild of MTV starring my hometown of Hoover, Alabama. I can’t find MTV anywhere on our TV. We have every other channel but that one. Mike has it blocked while changing channels. I finally figure this out.

When I land on MTV I start getting confused because I honestly couldn’t tell where Laguna Beach ended and Two A Days started. And since I’m not totally sure I’ve found MTV I am even more confused because a bunch of teenagers with lots of highschool drama is what I found. Which is what this Two A Day show has turned into. Eventually, if you watch it long enough you see the guys dressed out and some football action. Honestly, as a woman I never knew the thrill of a touchdown. At least I can live vicariously through this show right?

Oh I don’t think so. MTV has taken way too many creative liberties with this. In fact, I hate to think what the rest of America thinks about our teenagers around here. I know some of these kids and go to church with their parents. It is less than accurate. Clearly, writers have quit writing and editors simply cut and paste this stuff together to get a storyline. My highschool was drama filled but it was conservative 1980s drama. I have no idea what the heck is really going on in this show except that if I watch Laguna Beach long enough I might figure it out. A friend of mine asked me over the weekend what did I expect from MTV? I guess I’m glad Mike has it blocked. He just got home, asked me, “is this MTV? it looks like a highschool project…” Oh me, it has gotten worse. All this to say, I’m grateful for Nick at Night and long for the way things used to be. At least once upon a time I could watch music videos on this channel. And to think that was considered corrupted behavior! Where is that remote???

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