Save Shelley’s Splurge At Starbucks PLEASE!!!

Last week I read an article which explained that Starbucks was going to discontinue their gluten free Valencia Orange Cake because it wasn’t a healthy option. Whatever!!! And I suppose the blueberry cheesecake muffin and double chococlate chip mocha is healthier???

I’m not bashing Starbucks. Honestly, I just want an occasional splurge there too!

On Monday I had a chance to sample this treat. To be honest, I really didn’t know I had an option like that at Starbucks. I rarely go anymore and I’m always one to save my calories (and money) for something else anyway. So I generally don’t order much more than a tall Pikes Peak or a skinny latte when the urge hits me.

But on Monday the server asked if I wanted a muffin to go with my latte. I said, “yes, I wish I could but I can’t have any wheat or gluten.” He quickly replied, “Oh, well you can have the gluten free orange cake!  It has almonds though, can you have almonds?” And I said, “why yes, I can!” I was thrilled.

I can’t tell you how “normal” I felt when I ate that cake with my latte.

So, if you wouldn’t mind signing this petition I would be forever grateful. No, I didn’t start it. But I got it serendipitously today in my email inbox and felt like it was divine intervention! Help me save my splurge at Starbucks! Please click here.

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