Sufficiency of Grace

In a time when school shootings become headline news and my mind just can’t handle all the heartache I know I am supposed to look beyond the temporal and focus on the eternal. A song I heard yesterday captures my goal, which for some seems effortless and for others (like me) it’s like fighting all your battles with no equipment, no helmet, no backup. I know that’s not true but at times it sure feels that way.

Melodi was born on April 1st , 1999… within days a school named Columbine in Jefferson County somewhere out west was all over the news. What have I done? I brought a child into the world who might be subject to a school shooting? Post partum depression, the reality of parental responsibility and suddenly the “real time” world of news collided and I just knew I would not make it past that month as a new mother. Through His sufficiency of grace I have made it through 7 birthdays and lots of other bad news on cable TV. I can honestly say that’s not me it’s Him.

Are you basically thinking whatever you are facing is not fix-able? I heard this week on Beth Moore’s television program that many of us assume our problems are just too big and that God a) can’t handle them and b) doesn’t want to. She was quick to point out how this attitude demonstrated an elitest attitude toward God. How could the problems of this 21st world be too big or too unfixable for God? Or maybe it’s a 19th century problem that has followed you through generations of messed up people. Have our situations become too big for the one who made the heavens and earth with His outstretched hand? Have I become that pious to insinuate to the God of the Universe that He can’t fix it? Thank goodness for the concept of His sufficiency of grace. Until you experience it you almost can’t explain it. Accepting what is without explaination is what I call sufficiency of grace.

lyrics by Greg Long

If there is a shadow
I can’t see it
If this is my cup
I’ll learn to drink it
If there is a purpose
You’ll reveal it
But for today I found my place
In the sufficiency of grace

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