June 7, June 23 and July 26

6-7-89.  I always thought that was so cool to have a birthday with consecutive numbers like that.  That birthday belongs to Kelsey.  The summer I turned 17 also brought with it my youngest sister.  She’s in college, a sophomore at my alma mater, Auburn University.  I often ask her if I could just come stay a night and “pretend” that I’m in college with her.  It’s only a request because currently as mom of two and wife of one it’s just not easy to pick up and say, “I’m crashing in Auburn tonight.  See you tomorrow.”  But I can always count on her to let me know what’s going on, especially on my phone.  For example, she sent me a text the morning Billy Mays was discovered dead in his house, “Shelley, is it true Billy Mays is dead?”  I always try to be accurate when replying to Kelsey’s questions so after a quick search on google I confirmed it for her.  (I get news faster from her than I do CNN).  She posts to my facebook page.  She reminds me that yes, I once was 20 years old.  If it wasn’t for Kelsey I’d be pop-culturally deficient I am sure.  In fact, I am sure my kids would be too.  Kelsey has passed on more way-cool items to my children than I can count.  Her hand-me-downs bring with them a coolness that can’t be bought at a department store.  We heart Kelsey!

Rewind 10 more years.  Stacey came along in June of 1979 and I’ll never forget it because I was nearly 7 years old.  The first time we thought she was coming I went and stayed with my cousins, thinking the entire time that surely mom would have twins so I could have one and she have one.  It was a false alarm and when the real delivery happened we ushered in my dad’s sister to come to stay with me.  Aunt Nita didn’t have any kids so this was always an adventure when she was my babysitter.  The main thing I remember about that is she lost me in the grocery store.  Eventually we were reunited, after hearing my name called across the loudspeaker.  And then they brought sweet little Stacey home and my life changed forever.  In a good way.  Stacey’s been an important part of my life for 30 years now.  I love her dearly.  She shares her birthday with Dad many times because they are only a day apart.  A very generous and giving person, she loves creating fun memories for my children.  They adore her!

So, here we are, ever so close to the end of summer.  I just celebrated my birthday and that in itself was always the ceremonial “summer is almost over” check point.  Most folks were usually out of town, getting in their summer vacations which meant it was really hard for us to pull a party together at that stage of the summer.

However, one year in particular was different.  1983.  My very dear friend put together a surprise party for me.  I was turning 11 years old and I thought we were just getting together to play with our “adoption” dolls.  And much to my surprise a carport full of people had shown up and surprised me!  We have lots of pictures from that event…it was sort of bittersweet because it turned into a going away party.  We moved a couple of weeks after that.  But I’ll never forget it and Leslie is still my friend after all these years.

1972.  37 years ago my blog started.  That’s pretty neat when you stop to think about it.

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2 Responses to June 7, June 23 and July 26

  1. Christi says:

    What a wonderful blog. I’ve been following you off and on for a few weeks on Facebook and when I saw that birth date I remembered that you and Stacey had a much younger sister. I’d forgotten that until just now. I was Stacey’s BFF and Jackson Academy, and have lost touch since then. Do you mind giving her my email? I’d love to catch up with her.

  2. Shelley says:

    Christi, thank you so much for your kind words. Tell me again your maiden name and where you lived in Jackson, I have been in touch with many of you from JA and I’m trying hard to remember everybody! What great memories I have from 4th and 5th grade! Stacey was much younger (7 years to be exact!) and we haven’t talked about Jackson much here recently. But I will email her your address so you can connect. It is a small world after all! :)

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