I Can’t Take Credit For This

But I sure can relate to it.  You probably can too!

Here’s a poem I found while I did a search on Narcissus.  You know, that Greek mythology character that we read about in 9th grade English class.  He was a hero who was renowned for his beauty.  According to the Wikipedia, he is exceptionally cruel, in that he disdains those who love him. As divine punishment he falls in love with a reflection in a pool, not realizing it was his own, and perishes there, not being able to leave the beauty of his own reflection.

Hello Narcissus

Your preoccupation with yourself

Your singular obsession

With your self importance

Wearies after a while.

When you were two or a teen,

It was quite charming,

But now your narcissism

Bores the pants off me.

It’s all me, me, me,

I did this, I do that.

This feedback might be

Hard to hear,

Thinking, as you do,

That all it takes for you

To change a light-bulb

Is to hold it, while the world

Revolves around you.

Click here to see the poem on www.about.com

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One Response to I Can’t Take Credit For This

  1. Dianne says:

    I hear you. God bless.

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