I spend a great amount of time in the car. It did not strike me as odd that one way I would hear from God would be through license plates. I am constantly seeing them in front of me, I actually take the time to read them and figure them out. He knows this about me, I believe He made me this way. So I have gotten use to this and consider myself blessed by it, even if it means there is a special hall in the psyche ward for folks like me.

A funny thing happened tonight. A deliberate, “see I told you so” moment that only God orchestrates. While on a Shaw family outing I noticed a license plate in front of me. So I start trying to figure it out…. “hey, I think that guy’s name is Wally in front of us.” The plate read something like “imwally” which could have meant several things but I gave my interpretation. My husband, knowing I have divine revelations from license plates says, “so is God telling you to go find a new guy named Wally?” Really, he will sign the necessary paperwork to commit me when the time comes.

Immediately I say, “No!!! As a matter of fact God has been very quiet lately, thank you very much. In fact, every license plate I have seen has been just like the one we just saw. Last night someone had the word ‘actuary’ on the back of their car. I assume that they are very proud of what they do for a living.” Honestly, I have had no deep, meaningful moments with God stemming from the back of cars in quite sometime. The last few words he gave me were ‘dilgenc’, ‘surrnda’ and ‘destind’, all seen on license plates over the last 6 months. However, the last few weeks have proved to be quiet. I see now He was getting ready to make a point. When you feel like He’s being more than quiet, I am very much convinced it is because you are about to hear from Him in a profound way.

The VERY NEXT car had something a little different between its two tail lights. Just about the time I say “look, every license plate I’ve seen lately has just been random. Like that one in front of us with a bunch of jumbled numbers or letters. Unless…. could that be Jeremiah 32, verse 27?” There, in front of us reads, “J32V27.”

The series of events and conversation we were having were not coincidence. Had we been half way joking about something else we might have missed that blessed moment of “I’m in the details” miracles of God. In God’s perfect timing, He showed up. Why do I ever think anything different? Thanks and praise be to Him! The glory continues to be revealed.

Jeremiah 32:27 I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?

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