Jingle Bell, Jingle Bells, Stumble all the Way

So here I am stumbling through Christmas.

It’s not all bad, but I’m here to tell you the Shaw family doesn’t have our Christmas cards in the mail yet.  Melodi is planning the cookie swap this year and I’m hoping Santa is real b/c I can’t find the children’s stockings and I’m not quite sure what thy are getting for Christmas.

As much as I want to “check out” it’s just not gonna happen.  For one thing, the kids only have one Christmas in which they are 5 and 10.  That is this year.  I can’t get it back.  So I will be engaged, realizing that these days are a gift and I don’t deserve them.  But in God’s grace he’s given them to me.  And I am obedient to enjoy them.

Secondly, I’m living and breathing and if Dad were here and in his right mind he’d say, “have Christmas!  be merry!” or something like that.

And thirdly, not that I need a third reason or anything, but I’ve been living my life like I’m going to have another Christmas.  And another.  And another.  But the reality is, I’m only promised this very moment I’ve been given.  Anything 60 seconds from now is a God thing.   So I had better stumble or whatever you want to call it through the next week.  Because it’s not guaranteed that I am going to have it again.  I’m just speaking the truth.  Ya’ll know I’m right.

In an effort to engage myself in the season I am going through old Christmas pictures.  I am scanning a few of them and putting them in an album on my facebook page.  Facebook gives me a place to compile some thoughts and ideas and pictures, that otherwise I may not ever get around to doing.  Some folks do this by scrapbooking or creating a Flicker account or blogging or by any other creative means the 21st century has given to us.  We do have many ways to store our memories now-a-days.  Makes me remember alot of things I thought I had forgot.

Oh what fun it is to ride… in a moment suspended in time… hey!

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