(Lyrics By Dolly Parton)

When it’s family, you forgive them for they know not what they do
When it’s family, you accept them, ’cause you have no choice but to
When it’s family, they’re a mirror of the worst and best in you
And they always put you to the test
And you always try to do your best
And just pray for God to do the rest, when it’s family

Some are preachers, some are gay
Some are addicts, drunks and strays
But not a one is turned away, when it’s family
Some are lucky, others ain’t
Some are fighters, others faint
Winners, losers, sinners, saints, it’s all family

And when it’s family you trust them and your heart’s an open door
When it’s family, you tolerate what you’d kill others for
When it’s family, you love and hate and take, then give some more
Somehow you justify mistakes, try to find some better way
To solve the problems day to day, in the family

You take the trouble as it comes and love them more than anyone
Good or bad or indifferent, it’s still family
You choose your lovers, you pick your friends
Not the family that you’re in, nah
They’ll be with you ’til the end, ’cause it’s family

Let Me Be All That I Should Be to the Family

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